Tua Is OUR QB…Back Him!!!!!!!

Miami Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa shows he's legit, silences doubters
Stand By Our Man!!!!

It just gets ridiculous as some people will find anything to complain about! Miami made a decision last April that many of you begged for and cheered on when they used their first pick in the 2020 draft to take QB Tua Tagavailola out of Alabama, many of you were ecstatic. I was not one of those who was so excited, in fact I would have kept Josh Rosen (They still should have held on to him IMO) and drafted Isaiah Simmons.

Miami decided to draft Tua Tagavailola and I immediately backed the Dolphins decision and have been rooting for Tua ever sense. Now some are coveting some other Rookie QB who is having a great year and in fact due to a severe injury to the Bengals Rookie QB Joe Burrow (who also was having a monster year) Justin Herbert will win ROY honors.

Herbert was taken AFTER Miami drafted Tua and at the time of draft day some rumors out there said Miami would be fine with either one! They decided to pass on Herbert and of course some of these “Hindsight” geniuses are now questioning the Dolphins decision to take Tua over Herbert! Really?

So far it appears the Dolphins were right EITHER ONE of these guys were a good choice but they all have different circumstances and it is possible that had Miami drafted Herbert and Tua went to the Chargers and the same situation worked out that Herbert sat and learned behind Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tua was thrust into the starting lineup due to a freak injury to the Chargers starting QB Tyrod Taylor and Tua balled out with that Chargers Offense that have better weapons on offense, a veteran O-Line and better RB’s than Miami these same whiners would be lamenting that we should have taken Tua!

Why not just let father time answer the question when comparing the two QB’s Miami had to choose from, I in fact wish nothing but the best for BOTH of them and even though Tua is taking more time to show his value he is following the Dolphins plan of getting better every week and I for one look forward to the day when they surround Tua with young talented players to grow with him. This team is well coached and have a very good GM and management team, with all the resources they have to do just that.

So how about just getting behind and 100% backing our young talented QB who is making strides weekly and will soon be on top of his game as this team matures with him!

GO MIAMI!!!!!!

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