Weekly Predictions Review (Week 14)

This year to get the weekly prediction you need to listen to our weekly podcast but I will post after the last games of the week the results on line. (Listen HERE)

The computer went 7.5 and 6.5 this past week It is now (117-92 for the year)

Predicted ScoreActual ScoreTDS O/UVagas O/UCombined O/UActual O/U
New England Patriots2234844.54627
Los Angeles Rams2724    
Houston Texans2475145.54843
Chicago Bears2736    
Dallas Cowboys24305343.54837
Cincinnati Bengals297    
Kansas City Chiefs24335049.55060
Miami Dolphins2627    
Arizona Cardinals252650454733
New York Giants257    
Minnesota Vikings25145651.55440
Tampa Bay Buccaneers3126    
Denver Broncos22325046.54859
Carolina Panthers2827    
Tennessee Titans303157535541
Jacksonville Jaguars2710    
Indianapolis Colts28445651.55471
Las Vegas Raiders2827    
New York Jets21353475043
Seattle Seahawks3240    
Green Bay Packers313158555755
Detroit Lions2724    
New Orleans Saints272151454845
Philadelphia Eagles2424    
Atlanta Falcons27175449.55237
Los Angeles Chargers2720    
Washington Team23234943.54638
San Francisco 49ers2615    
Pittsburgh Steelers27265247.55041
Buffalo Bills2615    
Baltimore Ravens27475245.54989
Cleveland Browns2542    

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