The One Mistake of The 2020 Offseason!

There is not much to complain about the Dolphins as they are way ahead of schedule in their rebuild in just year two, but if we had to be honest the one huge mistake this offseason was not doing a better job at getting a legitimate starting RB either through the draft or in free agency and the Dolphins are paying the price for that mistake. Remember last year when the top run teams were the ones that made the playoffs?

Ironically this year teams like Kansas City, Miami, Buffalo, Tampa, Pittsburg and Indianapolis all playoff bound are struggling running the ball.

Miami’s major issue goes back to the draft when they should have passed on CB Noah Igbinoghene late in the first round and drafted any of the top rookie RB’s in the draft like Clyde Edwards-Helaire , D’Andre SwiftJonathan Taylor, JK Dobbins or Cam Akers. Even before the draft the Dolphins passed up on free agent RB’s Melvin Gordon and Leonard Fournette and went the cheaper route and signed Jordan Howard and Matt Breida.

Miami is struggling with what is crucial to being a balanced offense and a true friend of a young QB, the running game. Because of their failure to run the ball effectively they will most likely either not make the playoffs or get bounced out of the playoffs early. This is the time of the year where the running game pays off and teams that run the ball effectively start to separate themselves from the pack.

The 4 games remaining in December-January will define Miami’s season as it is by far the toughest 4 games of the year for Miami all of which they can lose due to a poor running attack. If Miami can split the games they will have 10 wins and anything more is a certain playoff berth.

It’s far too late to correct their run issues, they will have to manage their way with a subpar running game but hopefully this team will stop diminishing the run game thinking like many do that they can get any RB even in the late rounds or on the cheap to fulfill their running needs but the fact is the special RB’s are usually the ones drafted high with a high ceiling and very talented.

I have called out Miami’s RB coach and I stand by that decision as I feel Miami needs to get a new perspective from a different RB coach as this team has done a poor job at that position since he’s been here and I feel he has let some talent walk out the door due to the mismanagement of the backs either by not identifying the talent or poorly managing that talent.

Something needs to be done and that should be the number one issue they address this off season is the Running attack and I for one would love for Miami to double up early in next year’s draft on young RB’s. Here are a few names to look for in the 2021 Draft that should be available. Names to consider: Travis Etienne RB, Clemson, Najee Harris, RB, Alabama, Kenny Gainwell RB, Memphis, Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma State, Javonte Williams, RB, North Carolina, Zamir White, RB, Georgia, Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi State, Kennedy Brooks, RB, Oklahoma, Rakeem Boyd, RB, Arkansas, Larry Rountree III, RB, Missouri.

The Dolphins need not waste money in free agency on a veteran RB’s, there are plenty of young talent in the draft and Miami need to double or triple up in the draft and get a BIG RB a FAST RB and one that can CATCH THE BALL OUT OF THE BACKFIELD! The Browns are the perfect example of how helpful a running game can be as they have two young talenetd backs that are critical to their success on offense.

This next draft should be about adding young talent at the skilled positions to help Tua to develop into the best QB he can be and give him help for the future and the running game that is currently not adequate enough should be their TOP PRIORITY in the 2021 offseason!

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