In Hindsight Another Great Move By Miami

Brian Flores has chance to separate himself from Belichick disciples
We Got It Right!

I was somewhat skeptical when in 2019 the Dolphins not only brought in a relative unknown by many outside of the Patriots organization in head coach Brian Flores but they also gave Flores a more than usual contract a fully guaranteed, five-year deal!

At the time I questioned that move because I had no clue who Flow was and to give that deal to a first-time head coach was not the norm because they usually get at most a 3-year deal.

I can safely say that not only me but all of us Dolphins fans are truly happy that we have B-Flow tied up through the 2023 season and I for one want to advocate that we get this guy an extension and pay raise very soon because he is a godsend and truly a great hire!

In 2019 Owner Stephen Ross said, after relieving former head coach Adam Gase of his duties, “Basically, the decision (to change head coaches) was really made as I looked at it and seeing that today, we’re no further along that when I really bought the team. We’ve been operating under a philosophy that we had a good young roster and it needed maybe free agents and draft choices and we’d be very competitive. To keep operating under that philosophy would be like the definition of insanity: doing the same thing and really expecting a different result…What you want and what I want, is really sustained winning seasons and having an organization that is used to winning, because that’s what people in Miami expect…Basically, the thought is we’re going to look to really build this organization based on our needs and if takes a year or so – two years, three years – we’re going to be there and we’re going to be an organization.”

Along with GM Chris Grier, Brian Flores has transformed this lost in the wilderness for 20 years team that did everything the wrong way in trying to somehow build a winner in Miami as owner Stephen Ross spent countless of millions of dollars and tried to hire the best names to lead this team out of the wilderness only to finally give full control to an in-house Soldier GM Chris Grier who has been with Miami since 2000 and who has masterfully brought in the Right Guy for the head coaching JOB.

To make matter even better is that Both Grier and Flores hare of Afro American heritage and I think it is more coincidental than by design because it is quite apparent that these two are the best men for their respective Jobs!

As a lifelong Dolphins fan, I can’t help but say thank You to the Dolphins organization for making what has been the worst year of my Life dealing with the pandemic and the political unrest that this team has brought us some measure of happiness and joy at this moment in time and no matter how the rest of the season unfolds I am so happy and proud once again to be called a Dolphins fan!

Thank You Miami Dolphins!


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