Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins Review

20 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins' 19-7 win over the Cincinnati  Bengals - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Miami come away with another win as they beat the Bengals 20-7 in a very contentious game against the floundering Bengals. After losing their young stud rookie QB to a knee injury a couple of weeks back the Bengals offense is in flux as they do not have a Ryan Fitzpatrick as their backup to step in and keep the team rolling.

As I mentioned in my preview it is totally ironic that the Bengals who passed up our Rookie QB in the 2020 NFL draft over his college injury concerns now have lost their rookie QB to a season ending knee injury. It is also a shame because Joe Burrow is a great young prospect and a very likeable kid.

On to The Game:

The Dolphins started the game off slow offensively for Miami as the first couple of drives ended in punts, but as has been the case for Miami our Defense was red hot and in the 2nd possession for the Bengals midway through the first quarter Miami CB Xavian intercepted a deep pass by QB Brandon Allen (Howards 8th INT of the season) that set the tone for the defense early. Unfortunately, it was not capitalized on as Miami once again punted the ball away.

It was with a little over 2 minutes to go in the first quarter when Cincinnati scored first on a short third and two pass that CB Byron Jones took a bad angle on and Cinci WR Tyler Boyd took it 72 yards to the house. (Cincinnati 7, Miami 0)

Miami’s anemic offense finally was able to put 3 points on the board after failing to score the TD in the red zone where they were first and goal on their 7-yard line and got as close as 2nd and goal on their 2 yard line. Miami tried another trick play and scored the TD but due to two linemen failing to report themselves eligible the play was called back, and Miami settled for the field goal early in the 2nd quarter. (Cincinnati 7, Miami 3)

The Dolphins had a unusual amount of penialtues in the first half of this sluggish game.

Things started to get out of hand starting with a play late in the 2nd quarter when on an incomplete pass that went out of bounds WR Tyler Boyd felt he was hit late out of bounds (Not The Case) and took exception and some words were said and some pushing and shoving and at least one punch was thrown by (Boyd) and Howard shoved hin on the shoulder but both were ejected from the game with just about a minute to go in the first half.

The Bengals recived a penalty that pushed them out from a 38 yard field goal to a 53 yard attempt that failed that left 58 seconds to go to the half and Tua was in the 2 minute offense and was able to drive the team down and get then in fieldgoal range and Jason Sander kicks a 48 yard field goal and they went into the half with the score still (Cincinnati 7, Miami 6)

This last drive was important as Tua who was sluggish all day moved Miami’s offense 27 yards in 6 plays with 58 seconds left and that pace was picked up in the 2nd half after halftime adjustments.

The third quarter starts with the Dolphins possessing the ball and they went to an up-tempo offense right out of the half and Tua looked a lot better as he was able to drive the team down the field 75 yards in 8 plays in just 3:25 to hit TE Mike Gesicki in the endzone with a 5 yard pass for a TD!

The rest of the game went Cinci punt , Miami field goal, Cinci punt, Miami Field goal, punt, punt, fumble, INT,


This was a game that both teams can easily forget as it was an ugly game marred by “Dirty Play” accusations from both sides and it lead to quite a few players being ejected from the game and one suspension.

The suspension should really tell you who really was playing dirty as Bengals Safety Shawn was suspended for deliberately stepping on Miami Rookie Guard Soloman Kindley as the video showed Williams intentionally stomping on the on the leg of the Dolphins offensive lineman during Sunday’s game… a move that was not called during the game, but Williams still managed to get ejected from the game after being in a brawl in the fourth quarter. Williams along with Dolphin’s players WR DeVante Parker and WR Mack Hollins was also tossed during the game. It all involved back to back punt return penalties that started late in the 3rd quarter when the gunner for the Bengals lead with his helment and leveled Jakeem Grant and the following punt by the Bengals (early in the 4th) the same gunner takes out Jakeem before he was even able to catch the ball!

That’s when tempers flared and a bench clearing brawl pursued even HC Brian Flores lost his cool and went towards the Bengals sideline! Flow eventually was restrained and later said he has to doa better job of restarining himself but he got much love from his players and us fans for stepping up for his players!

In total five players were ejected from the game, two from the Bengals and three from Miami. I might be biased but it appeared to me that The Bengals were the ones playing dirty.

Miami is now 8-4 and face their toughest part of the schedule as they will take on KC, New England, The Raiders and Buffalo in Buffalo!

One game at a time!

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