It’s Time To Heap More Praise On Miami’s GM Chris Grier!

From 'big brother' to draft boss, Dolphins' Chris Grier ready for his  closeup | Miami Herald

I just can’t say enough about the job GM Chris Grier has done in just 2 short years of having complete autonomy as Owner Stephen Ross finally cleaned house and handed Grier the keys to his franchise and Grier has set the standard for how teams looking to rebuild will proceed because we know this is a copycat league and as with every year when teams start to purge their management be it GM or HC or BOTH they will look at what Chris Grier has done and will try to match it.

The Problem is as with the past 20 years of futility we Dolphins fans have endured it is not easy to put everything together to make the success that Miami is finally enjoying.

So how did Chris Grier get to this pointt?

Chris Grier who’s father is Bobby Grier (born 1933) was the first African American football player to break the color barrier of the United States collegiate Sugar Bowl game, in 1956, which is held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Particularly in the deep South, the mid-1950s was a period of strident racial segregation for sports, as well as other areas of life. At the time, Grier’s participation as a fullback and linebacker against a segregated all-white team on such a prestigious “stage” was a tremendously significant event. Wikipedia

His father is Bobby Grier was the Associate Director of Pro Personnel for the Houston Texans of the National Football League (NFL).[2] Prior to that, Bobby Grier spent several years with the New England Patriots, where he served in various roles, including as the running back coach, director of pro scouting, and vice-president of player personnel.[4][1] Grier worked under his father with the Patriots until 1999, when the organization fired head coach Pete Carroll.

From 2000 to 2002, Grier served as an area scout for the Miami Dolphins. In 2003, Grier was promoted to national scout and assistant director of college scouting. He held this position until 2007 when he was promoted to director of college scouting. On January 4, 2016, Grier was promoted to general manager of the Miami Dolphins Wikipedia (but it took until January of 2019 for Dolphin’s Owner to entrust complete responsibilities to Chris Grier.

Chris Grier was finally given the chance to shape this team his way without input from others except the owner and Chris made the best move in his career as Miami’s GM when he identified Brian Flores as the next head coach of Miami.

Brian having a similar background to Grier worked his way up the ladder under the G.O.A.T Bill Belichick (I still Say Shula was better) as he worked his way up in New England from a Scouting assistant in 2004-5, Pro scout 2006-7, Special teams assistant 2008-9, Assistant offense & special teams coach 2010, Defensive assistant 2011, Safeties coach 2012-15, Linebackers coach 2016-18 and In 2018, after long-time assistant Matt Patricia left to become the new head coach of the Detroit Lions, Flores took over the Patriots’ defensive play calling duties, but was not given the title of defensive coordinator (But He did help shut down the best offense in the league and win Super bowl holding the Rams to just 3 points in Super Bowl LIII.

Brian was hired On February 4, 2019, the day after the Patriots won their 6th Super Bowl title and after 15 years of serving as a Patriots assistant, Flores was hired as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, becoming the fourth Latino in NFL history to become a head coach, after Ron RiveraTom Fears, and Tom Flores,[4] and the first black person to coach the team as well.

Brian and Chris have worked perfectly together and Miami’s GM has built a solid team to assist and it is reflected in how the team have added free agents and the draft!

Grier has cleaned up Miami’s cap space and made shrewd moves by trading some young players for a slew of picks that will carry over to this offseason and the players that have been drafted by the Dolphins are finally being developed properly and it is showing!

Some will always give far to much credit to the teams success to coaches and ignore the GM’s and sometime fault the GM wrongly for the failures of a poor coaching staff. It takes more than one person to run a team successfully in today’s NFL. And Miami have the right men in the right place and in the right order and that is the key to their success.

Look at the young talent on the roster from free agents and the draft and I argue this has been the most successful development of this team in recent history!

Austin Jackson (21), 2020 draft, Brandon Jones 22, 2020 draft, Tua Tagovailoa 22 2020 draft, Jerome Baker 23, 2018 draft, Raekwon Davis 23 2020 draft, Robert Hunt 24 2020 draft, Nik Needham undrafted 2019, Christian Wilkins 24 2019 draft, Mike Gesicki 25 2018 draft, Jason Sanders 25 2018 draft, Durham Smythe 25 2018 draft, Andrew Van Ginkel 25 2019 draft,

All players drafted by GM Chris Grier in the last 3 seasons and there are more young talented players on the roster I have yet to mention.

This past free agency was also a huge Success with names like

  1. Byron Jones, cornerback.
  2. Kyle Van Noy, linebacker.
  3. Emmanuel Ogbah, defensive end.
  4. Shaq Lawson, defensive end.
  5. Ereck Flowers, offensive lineman.
  6. Ted Karras, center.

All paying huge dividends this season!

It took 20 years tp finally get this team back on track and the future looks bright for Miami as GM Chris Grier has proven his worth these last two years and he has plenty to work with this upcoming offseason.

I Thank You Chris Grier!

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