Win At All Cost?

Ryan Fitzpatrick leaves Miami Dolphins after death of his mother
Just Win Baby!!!

What is more important winning now or winning later? The Dolphins have a chance to make the playoffs THIS YEAR! How important is that to you? More importantly how important is it for this team? The AFC East is up for grabs and Miami is within reach of winning the division and a guarantee to making the playoffs is winning the division.

At the beginning of the season, it was believed by just about everybody that this was the Bills year to take the division title and so far they have maintained a lead within the division since Week 1 and the Dolphins have been on their heels since week 5 but failed to capitalize when they lost to Denver last week, (A Team They Should Have beat) a win would have tied Buffalo atop the AFC East.

Let’s be honest when Brian Flores decided to start Tua (Some Say It was An Owners Call) Miami’s offense was playing well as Ryan Fitzpatrick had them playing efficient football and in 6 games the Dolphins under Ryan Fitzpatrick went 3-3 losing to New England (Season Opener) Buffalo Bills (Home Opener) and the Seattle Seahawks in Miami. At the time of his benching Fitzpatrick was on a 2 game winning streak and the offense put up 67 points while our defense only surrendered 17 points!

The call was made to start Tua despite the obvious success that Ryan was having and in his last 4 starts Tua has looked pedestrian against the Rams, Great vs the Cardinals, Ok against the Chargers and terrible vs the Broncos and 3 out of the 4 games where more of a team win than anything and the loss to the Broncos was also a TEAM LOSS even though Tua stunk up the joint.

One can’t help but think had Fitzpatrick started the game against the Broncos last week that the Dolphins might would have won that game. It is obvious that the offense is better run by Ryan Fitzpatrick and that this team has regressed offensively ever since Tua has started.

This brings us to the question in the title of this article, what’s more important winning at all cost or Tua’s development that could lead to losing games that we just might would have won had Ryan Fitzpatrick been playing? That is a question that can be answered in many ways and I as always invite your input in the comments section but I will give you my opinion.

At first, I wanted Miami to lose at all cost because of them having two first and second-round picks in the upcoming 2021 NFL draft, and to me, that is the most important thing for the Dolphins future because I do not anticipate them being in this position again in the near future as this team is on the rise. To me, year two of the rebuild would have been better served with another 5 or 6 game season and two top 10 picks (Miami also posses the Texans first and second round pick this year)

In fact like in the past 20 seasons I was hoping by now that Miami reached that 6 loss threshold that puts me into full-time draft mode but that is not the case as this team has 6 wins and are in the hunt for the playoffs and now that they are so close to maybe winning the division I personally want the Dolphins to do everything possible to try and win the division and or make the playoffs!

The question is does Tua give Miami’s offense the better chance to win now than Ryan Fitzpatrick? If you are being honest the answer is NO! So how can the Dolphins save face and still find a way to sit Tua while reinserting Ryan Fitzpatrick?

How about a convenient injury to Tua? Yes isn’t it just convenient that one day in practice this week Tua jammed his thumb? We were lead to believe that it was not serious and that Tua should be able to get through this injury as coach Brian Flores put it “He’s a tough kid”.

The Dolphins listed Tua as questionable all week and he has since been downgraded to doubtful late Saturday so it is obvious that Ryan Fitzpatrick who when he last played in week 6 the Dolphins beat the Jets 24-0! (ironically Fitzpatrick’s last start for Miami)

Even in the Denver game last week Ryan moved Miami’s offense better in under a quarter than Tua did the previous 3 quarters despite a late game ending Fitztragick INT!

So I am all in on trying to make the playoffs because sitting already at 6 wins the Dolphins have already dropped to the 17th spot in the draft (Should it be held today) and even Houston has started to win games and have dropped out of the top 10 as well!

I get it some were expecting better from Tua as many are looking at the success of Burrow and Herbert and couldn’t help but wonder how Tua would fare. Now I in no way am giving up on Tua but this team deserves a chance to make the playoffs and if Ryan can get them there I think that will be more valuable than Tua’s development this year as he will have a full offseason to go through and that is where he can improve in his knowledge of the game and having started a few games this year is invaluable and sitting behind a more veteran savvy Ryan Fitzpatrick is just as invaluable to Tua’s development.

So here’s to our Dolphins making a strong push to take the division or at least get into one of the 7 spots to make the playoffs…..JUST WIN BABY!

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