What Miami Needs To Be A Legitimate Contender

The Denver Broncos brought the Dolphins back down to earth after 5 weeks of feeling themselves and it was by means of an issue that has plagued this team for years and they still have yet to solve and until they do they will not be a true contender in the NFL.

It’s all about the run game and that is on both sides of the ball! They need to be able to run the ball effectively and stop the run!

Miami’s roster is improved but I want to go back to this past offseason and look at what I feel was a huge mistake that at the time I felt was made and it has proven to be true until now.

Miami had the resources to take one of the top rated RB’s in the draft who at the time were:

Players and 2020 Stats

D’Andre Swift

  • ATT 70 43rd
  • YDS 331 39th
  • TD 4 Tied-21st
  • AVG 4.7 12th

Jonathan Taylor

  • ATT 135 12th
  • YDS 518 20th
  • TD4 Tied-21st
  • AVG 3.8

J.K. Dobbins

  • ATT 72
  • YDS 380
  • TD3
  • AVG 5.3

Cam Akers

  • ATT 50
  • YDS 201
  • TD 0
  • AVG 4.0

The Dolphins could have taken just about any of these young RB’s in the 2020 NFL draft but did not!

Miami also had some options in free agent Market and the one player I was high on and wanted Miami to get was the same player that put the nail in our coffin this past Sunday as Melvin Gordan was there and wanted Miami to sign him but the Dolphins continue to devalue the RB position and have the flawed belief that they can get a RB later in the draft or at a better cost and so they signed newly released RB Jordan Howard who did not pan out in Miami.

Until the Dolphins actually understand that the more talented RB’s in the league bring value and helps the offensive line and trying to go cheap or draft a RB in the latter rounds will not get you the results you want in the run game!

I am not sure who in the organization devalues the RB position I hope they readjust their thinking! I also have called out RB coach Eric Studesville who has had 3 years as our RB coach and I feel he has done a poor job with the RB’s and I would love for Brian Flores to make a change at that position.

Stopping the Run was the other issue that the Dolphins have failed to do consistently for quite some time but I do feel they are improving in that area by drafting and bringing in players with that goal in mind so it’s just going to take more time and another player or two to get that under control.

The Dolphins are improved but two years are not enough to fix all the issues addressing this team and I do feel they need to rethink their position on RB’s in general and invest a top draft pick for a RB in the future or spend more money on that position in free agency.

Once the Dolphins can get their run game and ability to stop the run under control then they will have a team that can truly compete and be a contender.

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