It’s Not Luck….The Dolphins Are Good!

There is not need to hold your breath anymore you can breath!

Over the past 20 plus years ever since we lost Don Shula the greatest head coach in Miami Dolphins History to retirement in 1996 and a few years later Dan Marino the Greatest QB in Miami Dolphins history to retirement 1999, the Dolphins had been waddling in the mire. It’s not as if they had not tried from Wayne Huizenga who bought stock in the Dolphins in 1990 and eventually gaining full ownership when he bought the team for $115 million in 1994, to current Owner Stephen M Ross who In February 2008 bought 50 percent of the Miami Dolphin franchise and On January 20, 2009, Ross closed on the purchase of an additional 45% of the team from Huizenga. The total value of the deal was $1.1 billion. (Wiki)

Both spared no expense in trying to bring a winning team to Miami they for the most part avoided Meddling in the front office’s affairs but despite all their efforts the Dolphins for the past 20 years has failed to produce a contender.

Stephen Ross has been relentless in his pursuit of turning the Dolphins into a winning franchise again and after countless of millions of dollars and weeding through a few head coaches and GM’s this team is finally turning that corner!

The Dolphins 2 years ago, decided to tear this team down to the studs and rebuild. Last season under new head coach Brian Flores they were able to block out all the noise surrounding a false narrative perpetuated by a local DRAMA QUEEN sports reporter that the Dolphins were tanking. The season started off rough as Miami lost by historic numbers and as the national media chimed in off that false narrative the criticism of the team mounted.

But both GM Chris Grier and head coach Brian Flores denied any deliberate attempts of losing games and as of week 5 of the 2019 season where they barely lost to the Washington Redskins (Name at that time) the dolphins were putting on a more competitive game week in and week out and finally in week 8 Miami beat the Jets 26-18 for their first win of the season and continued to win 5 of their last nine games and doing something that had not been done in years beating the Patriots in New England in a game they really needed to win due to playoff implications!

The Dolphins first year head coach Brian Flores did a phenomenal of getting the best out of what he had to work with as far as talent. After winning just 5 games in 2019 we had more hope for this team than in any time these past 20 years!

The Dolphins still being underestimated have so far played above everybody’s expectations in 2020 as they are in the hunt for the playoffs and in 2nd place in the AFC East at 6-4 and just ending a 5 game win streak with a loss to the Broncos in Denver last week.

This Dolphins team is in just year 2 of a total rebuild this past offseason used all of their resources (Over 200 million and 11 draft picks) to add talent to the roster and having the 2nd youngest team in the league have established a culture and an attitude that has them in the position they are in today,

I am not sure how this season will end but what I am sure of is this team will only get better with the resources they still have heading into the 2020 offseason where they are 9th highest in the league with over 15 million dollars in cap money and two first and second round draft picks in the upcoming 2021 NFL draft (currently 9th and 17th picks in the first round)

Miami have the resources to add even more youth and talent to this roster to help turn this team into a perennial contender and and it’s not about luck, these Dolphins are GOOD!

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