Miami Dolphins @ Denver Broncos Review

Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins: Final score and game recap

The Miami Dolphins went into Denver on a hot streak and came out of that game humbled as a 3-6 Broncos Team took it to our Dolphins and beat them on both sides of the trenches.

Miami’s offensive line had their worst game of the year as Denver’s defense had their number and put pressure on Miami’s young QB who had his worst game of his young career, Tua was sacked 6 times and had less than 100 yards passing despite having our only passing TD of the day.

It was so bad that they benched Tua and put in Ryan Fitzpatrick early in the 4th quarter to provide “A Spark” as coach Flores put it. (More on that later) Fitzpatrick did get the offense moving more efficiently than Tua did in his 3 quarters combined! Fitz threw for 117 yards and 1 INT in just under 11 minutes in the game when he took over. The Dolphins offense could not get in rhythm and a lot of it has to do with the youth in inexperience Tua Tagovailoa

Miami’s defensive line matched the O-Line in terrible play throughout the day as Miami’s defensive line was ran over buy a couple of bulldozers who averaged over five yards a carry. The Dolphins Defense failed to stop the run and that cost them the game as well as the inept play of Tua.

Hopefully after the study the film and make corrections this young team will get better one day at a time!

Summery Of The Game

The game started off very good for Miami as early in the first quarter Xavien Howard collected his 6th interception of the season as he intercepted QB Drew Lock on Denver’s 32 yard line and returned it 10 to the Broncos 22 yards line and from there Tua was able to throw the lone TD of the day for our Dolphins as he hit DeVante Parker on a first and goal on the 3 yard line. It was another precision throw by Tua that we all have come to see.

Denver tied the game late in the first quarter as they had a very good drive that featured what I said in my game Preview their running backs Melvin Gordon who ended the day with 15 carries for 84 yards and a 5.6 YPC average and 2 TD’s. (Miami should have signed him this offseason over Jordan Howard) and RB Phillip Lindsay who also ran for just about identical numbers as he has 16 attempts for 82 yards and a 5.1 5.6 YPC average.

Combine their Numbers and they had 166 yards rushing with 2 TD and a 5.3 YPC average

Miami’s Defense struggled all day to stop the run as they gashed the Dolphins!

Denver took the lead early in the 2nd quarter with a field goal making it 10 – 7, Miami tied the game late in the 2nd quarter after another impressive drive by Tua once again showing his pinpoint accuracy and zip on the ball even though they had to settle for a field goal.

Denver with an impressive drive of their own both rushing and passing effectively was able to get a late field goal to take the lead into the half 13-10.

The Dolphins Defense was able to stuff Denver after a long drive in the 3rd quarter when on 4th and 1 they went for it and Miami was able to prevent the first down. After Miami went backwards on their next drive and was forced to punt the ball away, Denver once again through their effective running and passing marched down the field and Melvin Gordon bust a 22 yards run to the right side and took it to da house! Score 20-10.

Tua once again had a ineffective drive that ended in his 6th sack of the day one that some questioned if Tua was injured. The official word from head coach Brian Flores was that Tua was not hurt but benched as they had seen enough from Tua Sunday.

Early in the 4th quarter Ryan Fitzpatrick was given the start to try and put a spark in the team one Tua failed to provide. And Fitzpatrick was more effective in moving the ball and he drove the offense down and Miami was able to kick a 53yard field goal to get within 7. Score 20-13 with 7 minutes left in the game.

Denver on the next drive was close to putting the game away as Melvin Gordon was running for the score and Andrew Van Ginkel stripped him of the ball around the 2 yard line and for some reason the refs were confused and was saying TD but after review they got the call right it was a fumble recovered by Miami on the one yard line!

With a little over 5 minutes in the game Fitzpatrick was moving the offense down the field and the Dolphins were within scoring range when Fitz-TRAGIC showed up as Ryan threw an interception in the end-zone to seal Miami’s fait! Dolphins lose 20-13.

The big story of the game was when Brain Flores benched Tua and put in Ryan Fitzpatrick

Head coach Brian Flores said this:

“Tua wasn’t injured. We just felt like it was the best move at that point of the game. We had to get in two-minute mode, and we felt like [Fitzpatrick] gave us the best chance to win the game, and we had an opportunity at the end to tie it,” ….“He’s a confident kid,” Flores said. “He’s dealt with a lot of adversity. I think he’s fine.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick had this to say after the game:

It’s very clear that this is Tua’s team. Tua is going to continue to get better and grow,” said Fitzpatrick, who finished 12-of-18 passing for 117 yards and the interception. “For me, my defined role is whatever the team needs out of me. … There’s no controversy. This is his team. He’s going to lead this team and continue to lead the team. We just got to pull in the right direction and get everybody to continue to get better.”

Tua said:

“For me, it was a great learning experience,” Tagovailoa said. “I felt like I was holding the ball a little too long. Just got to get completions and get the ball in the hands of our guys to make plays for us.”

My opinion on the benching? MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOTHING!

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2 thoughts on “Miami Dolphins @ Denver Broncos Review”

  1. Yes but I also realize we are just in year two of our rebuild and they still need to work on getting players who can help them solve the issues that have plagued Miami for far too many years the running game on BOTH sides of the ball.

  2. It was a harsh reality check for the team as a whole. And I’m sure they’re paying for it at practice this week.

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