Is Buffalo A Lock To Win The AFC East?

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As of today Buffalo who is on a BYE week this week has a 75% chance to win the AFC East Miami is given a 21% chance to win the AFC East and the Patriots are currently given a 4% chance and the Jets are currently well…they have the first pick in the 2021 NFL draft at 0-9.

First of all I must say I am ecstatic that FINALY the New England Patriots are no longer going to win the AFC East this year….are they? With that being said I also don’t want no other team to take their place but Miami.

So is it possible that Miami can overtake the Bills atop the AFC East or are the Bills a lock?

As mentioned above the Bills are on a Bye this week and if Miami wins a winnable game today against Denver this late afternoon, the Dolphins will be tied with Buffalo at 7-3 and their odds will even out at around a 48% chance to win the division.

So should Miami win today how do the schedules play out moving forward?

Week 12:

Miami after playing the Broncos will next play the Jets (another winnable game) and Buffalo will host the Chargers a game they should win but a tougher outing of the two.

Both 8-3?

Week 13:

Miami next will host the Cincinnati Bengals (another winnable game) and Buffalo will play at the 49ers on Monday night football I can see the 49ers winning this game.

Miami 9-3 Buffalo 8-4?

Week 14:

Miami will host the KC Chiefs a game that will be hard to win so I will give our Dolphins a loss on this game, Buffalo will host the Steelers that Sunday night and I will give the Bills their 2nd loss in a row.

Miami 9-5, Buffalo 8-6?

Week 15:

Miami will host the Patriots a game that is winnable as the Dolphins have always played New England tough at home and Buffalo will be at Denver a winnable game for the Bills

Miami 10-5, Buffalo 9-6?

Week 16:

Miami will be at Las Vegas a game that should favor the Raiders and Buffalo will play at New England and the Patriots upset Buffalo

Miami 10-6 Buffalo 9-7?

Week 17:

The Game of the year as Miami will go to Buffalo with all the chips on the line for the division title!

If Miami wins the win the division and if they lose even thought they would tie Buffalo at 10-7 in the division the Bills would win the division because they will have the better division record but both teams will make the playoffs.

I get to make the call and just like our Dolphins last year when Miami went into New England and the Dolphins stunned Patriots 27-24, denying NE first-round bye, Miami will go to Buffalo and upset the Bills to win the division and Brian Flores gets coach of the year vote!

Even though I am a homer this is not an unrealistic possibility…time will tell!

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