“B Flow” Coach Of The Year? I Argue Why!

Dolphins coach Brian Flores through the eyes of his players: An intense,  exacting taskmaster who 'cares about his guys' – The Athletic

I am sure I will get a good argument from the Pittsburgh Steeler fans when it comes to who deserves coach of the year and I will preference what I say by saying if the Steelers go undefeated throughout the rest of the year then by all means it would be very hard to deny Mike Tomlin the head coach of the year award

I just don’t happen to think that The Steelers will go undefeated this year but they will lose a game or two so why would I pick Brian Flores as coach of the year over any other coach? It’s because of where the Dolphins are, nobody expected the Dolphins to be where they currently are in the division, they have a chance by weekends end to be tied for first place with just six more games to go in the season.

The Dolphins are 6-3 and are on a five-game winning streak and Mike Florio of Pro-Football Talk who visited the Joe Rose show this week said, “If the Dolphins win the division and the Steelers don’t go undefeated I think Flores wins coach of the year.”

Granted there are some tough game still ahead of the Dolphins but Miami so far has been able to manage very well against the very tough teams of the league.

This Dolphins team is noticeably different than anything we’ve had in quite some time and fact just as recently as a couple years ago my biggest complaint was that the Dolphins will continue to get blown out two or three times in a year by some of the better teams we don’t see that today, in fact the Dolphins have been in every game this season and the only game that I’d say they didn’t have any chance to win was the first game of the season when New England came out with Cam Newton and did a good job against our Dolphins.

Pick any other game that the Dolphins have played this year and there’s an argument that can be made at the Dolphins could’ve won just about every one of those games and that is why would I pick Brian Flores over Mike Tomlin because Brian Flores has a team that is one of the youngest in the league, they have not been together as long as the veteran team that Mike Tomlin has in Pittsburgh in fact a healthy Ben Roethlisberger is still one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league.

It’s also been a quick turnaround for the team when you factor in how Brian Flores’ career as Miami’s head coach started and ended this year. Brian has also been his own man and have made some calls that were questioned by others but so far he has proven to be right because he knows the pulse of this team and they have all bought into his program.

The Dolphins have played with a relatively a new team that was put together this past off-season and they have been conditioned to play like Brian Flores wants them to play. They are tough, smart, hard working and competitive every week.

The Dolphins are also getting better every week and now to have inserted rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa into the starting lineup and to see his steady development and his having a 3-0 start to his rookie debut and throwing 5 TD’s and ZERO INT’S in his first 3 starts is impressive. Brian preaching team first and to actually see this team play extremely well on all three phases of the game one can’t help but be impressed and in agreement that Brian Flores should be in the mix when they consider Coach of the Year candidates in 2020.

I know I am bias and I am sure some will take that into account when they dismiss the idea but with just 7 more games to play our Dolphins are the talk of the league and much credit goes to Brian Flores a legitimate coach of the year contender.

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