Dolphins No Longer “Making Us Cry”?

I ‘m still not fully ready to start boasting about our Dolphins as they are still in just year 2 of their rebuild but they sure look good! Miami seems to finally gotten everything right after falling off the radar for over 20 years! Have the Football Gods decided to look the Dolphins way again? Did our beloved Don Shula who must be in Football heaven convince the Gods to show favor Miami’s way?

Yes, I jest but really The Miami Dolphins is going places and it just could be at the weekends end that they find themselves tied for first place in the AFC East! How did this happen in just two years of what is normally a 3-4 year process IF NOT LONGER?

Well it all starts with the Man who really deserves a lot of credit and no this is not about Chris Grier or Brian Flores!

See Stephen Ross Is Guilty!

Miami Dolphins owner has been unrelenting in his sincere attempt to turn our Dolphins into a winning franchise. Despite the dark years the Dolphins have a international following and much of it has to do with another person associated with Miami none other than Dan Marino who now have the role as Special Advisor since 2014 and don’t think he has not played a role in assisting and advising all the QB’s since he’s been an advisor.

Stephon Ross ever since he took over full ownership of the team in 2009 has made it his goal to bring Miami a winning team and he made his fair share of mistakes over the years but it was all with good intent.

He has done some meddling but not a lot, for the most part he has proven to be a very good owner with a burning passion to produce a winner in Miami with the Dolphins. Over the years I too have been frustrated by the moves made by Ross but i knew he meant well so I never got to upset I was just hoping he would not Put The Cart Before The Horse in how he was structuring the management of the team.

He finally did in 2019 when he gave one man full control of the team and that was the beginning of this teams turnaround and with still a lot of money and draft capitol to work with this offseason the Dolphins can still make more upgrades with both young talent and this year a veteran or two to take this team over the top and make them legitimate contenders for years to come.

All the pieces are finally in place from a great Owner, a Competent GM and a very worthy coach of the year candidate in Brian Flores who has finally brought about a culture change and a mindset that these young players and young veterans have bought into and it is resonating throughout Davie and the state of Florida and even in the NFL circles as our Dolphins are no longer making us cry!

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