Developing An Identity Update!

I wrote an article in January entitled Identity Established! I said this in the article…

It’s way too early to tell what we have in Brian Flores but there are some encouraging signs that they may have gotten this one right and hopefully he’ll stick around to prove that to be the case.

I can’t think of a time when I was more excited about a five win season then this past 2019 season. I will admit I am one of the ones who was frustrated that the Dolphins actually won five games, I would have preferred they been one of the top two teams picking in the 2020 NFL draft.

I go onto to say this…

Despite my displeasure that the Dolphins won five games, the reality is it did more good than even I imagined.

Establishing an identity is way more important than getting the top pick in the NFL draft, having a competent coaching staff trumps having the number one or two pick in the draft.

Brian Flores is now showing exactly the point I was making as he has brought a culture to this team that has been lacking for years (at least 20 for sure). This team is being built for long-term sustained success, they are the 2nd youngest team in the NFL!

When you listen to every player to the man they all say the same thing as the media try to heap individual praise for players they never fall for the bait! But it starts from the top as when you listen to how Brian Flores gives the whole team credit for their play and never allows the media’s questions to detract from that way of thinking.

Is it a surprise that all three phases of this team Offense, Defense and Special Teams are contributing towards wins? Brain Flores is not just preaching “TEAM BALL” but he believes in it and have seen it work while working under the G.O.A.T up in New England.

So Brian has seen how a winning culture is developed, he was a part of that culture his entire professional career while working his way up the ladder in New England. Unlike many of his contemporaries who have left New England and tried to actually be like Bill Belichick, Brian Flores is his own man. He is not trying to be Belichick but he also knows how Belichick was so successful.

Belichick believes in players who are unselfish and willing to play any role to help the team win! He also have allowed some very good players to move on if they were looking to cash in on the success of the team. How many times have we seen the Patriots not miss a beat after losing a key player over the years?

Yes the Patriots are down and that is the direct result of my belief that no one man (except Jimmy Johnson) can managed both hats (GM & HC) because teams that have a separate GM who’s full time job is player acquisition, dealing with the cap and preparing for the draft. There are not enough hours in a day or year for one man to handle that role successfully and also deal with the weekly demands of game preparation.

That is why the Patriots are bereft of talent and once Brady walked because of that very reason (among others) the Patriots previous drafts are being questioned.

The Dolphins are very well represented on the management side of the ball and that allows for Brian Flores to do the job he has been hired for (By Chris Grier) and we can see the results!

This Dolphins team is still developing their identity but we all can see how it is being developed and we all are excited about the future of this team. Tough, Smart, Unselfish, hard working and a family atmosphere! Brian Flores also talks a lot about player development.

Finally we can actually see how it is being developed!

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