Los Angeles Chargers @ Miami Dolphins Review

NFL Week 10 PFF ReFocused: Miami Dolphins 29, Los Angeles Chargers 21 | NFL  News, Rankings and Statistics | PFF

Throwback Day as Miami wore those iconic throwback Jerseys and with their fifth straight win the Dolphins once again continues to play TEAM BALL that is being preached by Miami’s head coach and leader Brian Flores.

The game started off with once again with a special teams play that put Miami in scoring position as Andrew Van Ginkel blocked a Chargers punt early in the first Quarter as the Chargers went 3 and out on their first drive. The blocked punt was recovered at the 1-yard line and Miami wasted no time as Tua handed the ball off to the surprise RB of the year undrafted Rookie RB Salvon Ahmed who ran it in for the first score. Miami up 7-0.

Miami’s defense once again put pressure on young Rookie sensation QB Justin Herbert who had one of his worst games of the season as Miami’s Defense mixed up coverages that stymied the young star.

On Miami’s 2nd drive of the game Tua continued to display the pose and accuracy as he drove the Dolphins down field with some impressive pinpoint passing as well as RB Salvon Ahmed continued to run the ball effectively and Jakeem Grant contributed with a very impressive catch that was short of the first down but he muscled his way for extra yards and a first down. The Chargers were able to hold Miami to a field goal and the Dolphin appeared to be up 10-0 but an offsides penalty gave Miami the first down and Brian Flores took the points off the board and decided to go for the TD and once again Tua made a precision laser pass to Jakeem Grant in the end-zone to put Miami up 14-0.

Miami’s defense once again holds the Chargers and force them to punt the ball and the Dolphins offense was well on their way to putting the game away early in the 2nd quarter as Tua once again drives the Dolphins within scoring distance and with 3rd and 1 on the Chargers 12 yard line a fumbled snap by Center Ed Karris who seemed to mishandle the snap on a few occasions turned the momentum back to the Charges as they recovered the fumble and ran the ball back to Miami’s 38 yard-line.

The Chargers capitalized on the turnover on the pursuing drive in which former Dolphin RB Kalen Ballage had a very productive day and did some damage on the drive that ultimately ended with Justin Herbert taking the ball in from the 2 yard-line on an easy QB run and that made the score Miami 14 Chargers 7.

After a couple of stalled drives on both sides the Dolphins were able to kick a field goal just before the Half to go up 17 – 7 at halftime.

The third quarter started with the Dolphins having possession but other than taking time off the clock they were unable to generate any points and turned the ball over to the Chargers who drove the ball down and scored a TD as Herbert threw a nice pass to the back of the end-zone to TE Hunter Henry bringing the Chargers within 3 points with a score of 17-14

Tua then drives the Dolphins down with his precision passing as well as RB Salvon Ahmed’s impressive runs and gets Miami once again within field-goal range and kicker Jason Sanders gets his 22nd kick in a row to put Miami up 20-14

The Chargers gets the ball just about the end of the 3rd quarter and early in the fourth Quarter in the same drive Justin Herbert under pressure from Miami front makes the mistake of throwing the ball in Xavien Howard’s direction and Howard gets his 5th interception of the year.

Tua waste no time as he leads the Dolphins to his 2nd TD of the game as he hits a wide open TE Durham Smythe on a very nice misdirection play call by OC Chan Gailey near the end zone giving the Dolphins a 26-14 lead and Miami failed to get the 2 point conversion try.

The Chargers were stalled on the next drive and Miami once again got within field goal range and our ACE in the hole kicker finally prove that he is human as he missed a 47 yard attempt.

After another change of possession the Dolphins once again get into field goal range and this time Sanders hits the 49 yard field goal to bump the score to 29-14 and the Chargers get another TD in junk time to make the final score 29-21.

Looking at the final score one would think the game was close but that was not the case as Miami easily won this game and left 10-20 points on the field. The Dolphins once again played solid on all three sides of the ball and this team ball thingy is working as Miami are 1/2 game out of being tied in the division with the Bills who lost in a thrilling Hail Murry pass to the Cardinals Sunday.

This game was not as exciting as one would have thought it to be but Miami got the win and the Bills who go into their bye lost.

Both rookie QB’s had pedestrian numbers but Tua had the better game overall as he continues to not turn the ball over and he is very effective in driving the offense up and down the field. They will get even better and when they are averaging 30 points a game with room to improve I would say that is a very good sign of Miami’s offensive potential and with special teams and our defense playing very solid football it is easy to see why the Dolphins are on a 5 game winning steak and headed for the playoffs!

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