Chris Grier The Quiet Mastermind

It's biggest draft in Dolphins history, and all eyes are on GM Chris Grier  - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Miami’s GM Chris Grier has been doing a great job with the rebuild ever since Dolphins owner Stephen Ross gave him the keys to the franchise and in just year two of their rebuild they are in 2nd place in our division and are in the 7th spot currently to make the playoffs, they also have a chance to take the lead in our division in a few weeks if Buffalo continues to struggle in games against teams with winning records.

Grier seems to like to be in the background and you really don’t hear much from him during the season but he deservers much credit for the position the Dolphins are in.

It was not to long that Miami was still under the assumption that they were a player or two away from being a contender and Owner Stephen Ross was shelling out countless of millions of Dollars on free agents with an attempt to bring a winner to his team that has been stuck in mediocrity for the past 20 plus seasons.

The Dolphins in my lifetime went from a perennial playoff contender and two time SB winners to a different world where the hapless New Orleans Saints (back in the day) became the perennial playoff contender and our Dolphins were the modern day Hapless Saints.

I have enjoyed my fandom of this team for well over 50 years and i have seen the best and the worst from our Dolphins and I can say after over 20 years of futility I finally believe that the Dolphins GM Chris Grier got it right!

Shortly after Firing Now Jets head coach Adam Gase and moving on from a congested front office after letting Mike Tannenbaum go, Stephen Ross handed over the keys to his franchise to the guy that paid his dues and supported this team and past managements and coaching staffs since being brought on as an area scout in 2000.

Grier worked his way up the ladder and bided his time and seen some successes’ and a lot of failures along the way.

He was given the TITLE of GM in 2016 but was really not in full control and for that some were trying to find fault in him after the purging of 2018-19 season when Grier finally got full control of the team.

The Right Decisions

When team Owner Stephen Ross gave Chris Grier the keys and total control of the team Grier went right to work and the first thing on his docket was the hiring of a new Head Coach.

I at that time was opposed to hiring another first time head coach and wanted Miami to get a veteran HC after the failures of past head coaches who we had given a shot like Cam Cameron, Tony Sparano, Joe Philbin and Adam Gase all of whom were first time head coaches in the NFL and the last 4 consecutive head coaching hires (Not Including Interim Coaches)

GM Chris Grier chose another First Time Head Coach in Brian Flores and to be honest I had no clue who Brian Flores was until word leaked that he was the person Miami was targeting and I was able to focus in on him as the Patriots defacto Defensive Coordinator as Bill Belichick never just awards a position to his coaches they have top earn it.

Flores did a great job as the Patriots DC as that was the last time they won a SB and it was the Patriots Defense that shut down the high scoring Los Angeles Rams in SUPER BOWL LIII holding the Rams to 3 points in the lowest scoring game in SB history!

Brian Flores has been a godsend and in just his second season as Miami’s head coach he has leapfrogged himself into 3rd place in my heart as my Favorite Dolphins head coaches as Don Shula and jimmy Johnson still tops the list above him but Jimmy might want to watch out!

GM Chris Grier not only have hired the right guy for the head coaching job but he also surrounded himself with some very good men on his management team who also are Black Men who have done well in the NFL as executives Marvin Allen Assistant General Manager,Reggie McKenzie Senior Personnel Executive.

Chris Grier has turned Miami’s fortunes around and the Dolphins are the surprise young upstart team that is starting to turn heads in this league and their future looks bright and all the credit deservedly so should go to our quiet unassuming GM Chris Grier!

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