Miami Dolphins Midseason Report Card: “B+”

We are at the half way point of the season and the arrow is pointing DUE NORTH! Miami is being talked about nationally but this time in quite some time, in a good sense!!!

There are good reasons why as our Dolphins are one of the surprise “HOT TEAMS” in the NFL and when any of us had seen the Schedule before the season began who would have thought the Dolphins would go 3-1 against the NFC West? Not I!

I would have graded Miami with an A or even A+ if it not for the one thing they still continue to struggle with and that is their run game as I grade it a C at best. But everything else deserves an A or A+.

Starting with the coaching and so far Brian Flores IMO is Coach of the year even though many can make an argument for my Brother’s favorite Team Steelers head Coach Mike Tomlin as the Steelers are still the only unbeaten team in the league at 8-0. Other than that it is a no-brainer as to who deserves consideration at the half way point for coach of the year. Brian Flores has put his stamp on this team and they are a reflection of him and this team has bought into his program and are working hard and it shows up on Sundays.

There was a time I was just hoping that our Dolphins don’t get blown out and at least be competitive in games against the leagues top teams. Not anymore! I also was hoping in just year 2 of the rebuild that our Dolphins would maybe have another 5-11 season and get two top picks in the upcoming NFL Draft, but here they are at 5-3 at the half way point and I could not be more happy Draft status be dammed!

What makes Brian Flores so special is he seems to have the “Midas Touch” in his decision making as the “Talking Heads” and “Back Seat Drivers” have questioned his every move to only end up eating crow and praising his moves. He truly is special!

I knew that Brian Flores (being a defensive minded coach) would have the Dolphins Defense playing at a high level and that is exactly what is happening as the Dolphins Defense is playing lights out and are the pulse of this team and not lagging to far behind and catching up is the offense that is now being manned by Rookie QB Tau Tagovailoa who coach Flores despite veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick Steller Play decided it was time to start the Rookie over the veteran and how many people questioned that move especially after the pedestrian game 1 Tua had?

Also do you recall questioning the firing of last years OC Chad O’Shea and replacing him with the 70+ year old Chan Gailey? How has that turned out? The Dolphins are the 2nd youngest team in the league and they are in the hunt (for now) for a playoff run in just year 2 of their rebuild. Much credit must go to GM Chris Grier who sits back quietly behind the scenes and masterfully build this team from the head coach to the young talent we have on the roster.

He too was questioned for many of his moves last offseason especially after letting some talented young players go by trading them away and now how great does those decisions look? Laremy Tunsil got a big deal but the Dolphins also will reap heavy benefits as they will get the Texans first and second round picks this up coming draft that if it were held today would be pick number 7 in the upcoming draft! Let’s just hope Houston continues to lose more games!

At the midway point of the season our Dolphins are smack dab in the hunt for the playoffs and are actually only one game behind Buffalo for the lead in our division! There is much to be happy for in these times of difficulty and pain as the world suffers through a deadly pandemic. Having these games to help take our minds off of this tragic condition is truly a relief and our Dolphins are week in and week out providing plenty of joy for their fans and for that we are truly grateful.

Thank You Miami Dolphins Organization!

On to the 2nd half of the season!

Fins Up!!!!!

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