Miami @ Arizona Review

Dolphins, Tua Tagovailoa defeat Cardinals, Kyler Murray

It was a true team victory and a coming out of his shell party for our young rookie QB and in just his 2nd game Tua Tagovailoa displayed the kind of play at the QB position we all were hoping to see and he did it against another dynamic QB in his own right as Kyler Murry is also the real deal!

After a very pedestrian first start as an NFL QB against the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday after great anticipation of seeing Tua Tagovailoa start his first NFL game it was a little concerning that in his debut after a 60m minute game that Tua’s numbers were 12 of 22 for 93 yards and 1 TD and it took a great defensive effort as well as great special teams to pull out a win against the Rams.

So we knew the “Talking Heads” who second guess everything the Dolphins do were ready to pounce on head coach Brian Flores decision to go with Tua despite very good play by veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. The only thing that somewhat silenced them was the fact that Miami did win the game vs the Rams.

So going into week two of Tua’s starting career all eyes were planted on the match up between Tua Tagovailoa and Kyler Murry and boy was that a great game! I am a little peeved that I am stuck on a work assignment in Washington DC and was stuck with the Steelers vs Cowboys game and had to find ways to try and stay tuned into the game that should have been nationally played!

Before I even get into the Dolphins performance I must say I am amazed with the play of Kyler Murry and he is hands down one of the best QB’s in the game, that kid is SPECIAL! He almost singlehandedly beat Miami with his arm and feet he is very hard to contain and thanks to a missed 49 yard field goal by the Cardinals kicker that allowed Miami to hold onto that win.

With that being said Tua Tagovailoa was able to hold his own and just about match the play of Kyler Murry and that was just his 2nd NFL start! The Dolphins also have something special of their own. Now he is not as fast as Murry and he might not posses Murry’s arm strength but he is not far off and for Tua to display the poise and fearlessness by using his legs to extend plays and his accuracy was on display for all to see and the Dolphins are just fine with what they have in Tua Tagovailoa!

This was one of the toughest games for Miami this year and to go on the road and come out with a win against a very good Cardinals team speaks volumes about this team and in particular the coaching staff!

As the Dolphins continue to defy the odds and make fools of all the doubters we Dol-Fans can now breath a sigh of relief and start to realize that this team is for real! The GM and Coaches have put up with unfair criticism and some UNKNOWN sources who are leaking false information to the “Talking Heads” actually let’s call them what they are “Gossipers” without accountability with one intent to undermine the team.

GM Chris Grier and Head Coach Brian Flores and his staff has just kept their heads down and moved this team forward with a well thought out plan that is starting to bear fruit and produce very good results as this team is starting to turn heads and get the much due recognition of a job well done and the best thing of all is this is just year two of the rebuild!

More on the game!

This was a exciting back and forth game that came down to the final quarter and the final minutes of the 4th quarter to determine the outcome. The future is in good hands with the two young QB’s that put on an exciting hard fought match that kept us all glued to the game and it did not disappoint!

Murry with his cannon arm (21 of 26 for 283 yards and 3 TD’s) and lightning fast legs (106 yards rushing and 1 rushing TD) and slippery ways was is a juggernaut. I was thoroughly impressed and his small/stout frame makes him hard to contain and the Dolphins defense had it’s hands full just like any other defense who has to deal with that weapon!

Miami’s defense had a tough assignment and the numbers showed that fact! Unlike the week before against the Rams, Miami’s defense needed help from the offense and that’s exactly what they got as Tua was on fire!

This was a game that could not have been won without the play of our young upstart future FRANCHISE QB! He basically matched the play of Murry but with his style of play. Tua used his legs (7 carries for 35 yards) to keep drives alive and move the pocket and his accuracy (20 of 28 for 248 yards 2and 2 TD’s) was on full display!

Even with the play of Tua Miami’s defense still made enough plays to help seal the win especially on a crucial stop late in the forth Quarter with 4th and 1 on Miami’s 31-yard line after a huge stop Cardinals head coach Cliff Kingsbury decided to go for a 49-yard field goal to tie the game that came up short!

Tua Tagovailola  in crunch time when Miami lost the lead in the third quarter drove the Dolphins 93 yards on 11 plays and scored the game tying TD with a pass to Mack Hollins with his accuracy in full display!

Brian Flores made the correct call to kick the field goal that eventually proved to be the winning score of the game 34-31 and once again the “Talking Heads” and backseat drivers had much to say about that decision.

This team is a reflection of Brian Flores and he is proving to be his own man and doing things his way and so far he has proven to be 100% correct in just about all of his decisions.

The future looks bright for Miami!

GO MIAMI!!!!!!

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