Weekly Predictions Review (Week 8)

This year to get the weekly prediction you need to listen to our weekly podcast but I will post after the last games of the week the results on line. (Listen HERE)

It was an above average week for the computer 7.5 right and 6.5 wrong It is now (66.5-54.5 for the year) !

NFL Teams    
 Predicted ScoreActual ScoreTDS O/UVagas O/UCombined O/UActual O/U
Atlanta Falcons27255602842
Carolina Panthers2917    
Minnesota Vikings282863515750
Green Bay Packers3522    
Tennessee Titans31205852.55551
Cincinnati Bengals2731    
New York Jets1895147.54944
Kansas City Chiefs3335    
Indianapolis Colts284154505262
Detroit Lions2621    
Pittsburgh Steelers25285346.55052
Baltimore Ravens2824    
Los Angeles Rams231749464745
Miami Dolphins2528    
New England Patriots242151414645
Buffalo Bills2724    
Las Vegas Raiders32166550.55822
Cleveland Browns346    
Los Angeles Chargers273052444861
Denver Broncos2631    
New Orleans Saints27265443.54949
Chicago Bears2723    
San Francisco 49ers29275853.55664
Seattle Seahawks3037    
Dallas Cowboys28960435232
Philadelphia Eagles3223    
Tampa Bay Buccaneers302552454848
New York Giants2223    

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