Los Angeles Rams @ Miami Preview

Los Angeles Rams vs. Miami Dolphins Matchup Preview (11/1/2020): Betting  Odds, Depth Charts, Live Stream (Watch Online)

This is a very special Game in fact the most special game in decades for our Miami Dolphins because it is the first NFL start for what we all hope will be the answer to the question who was the next great QB for the Miami Dolphins after Dan Marino?

Yes, It’s Tua Time and there is no shortage of controversy with the decision to start Miami’s 2020 5th pick of the first round, especially considering the opponent! I can already hear the crying should Tua get hurt or have a clunker of a game this upcoming Sunday.

There sure are enough “Back Seat Drivers” and “Envious Wannabees” that have already chimed in and is now waiting for Sunday to heap their criticism and or praise depending on how Tua Tagaviola plays.

There is even a backup veteran QB who had his beard in his beer (meaning his head was down) about a week ago due to what he knew was inevitable, that Tua was going to get the starting job.

So a lot is on the line as people will be quick to judge the play of Miami’s rookie QB and added to that is the fact that both QB’s drafted, one ahead and one behind Tua in the 2020 NFL draft have played very well to date and especially Herbert who the Dolphins passed up on and drafted Tua instead.

The wait is now over as Sunday will be the debut of hopefully Miami ‘s QB of the future for many years to come as long as he can stay healthy, another concern due to Tua’s injury history! Going up against the Rams defense is truly a test for the young rookie QB.

I feel Miami’s plan all along was to put Tua in the starting lineup during the bye week and as you all know our BYE week was originally scheduled for week 11 but was changed due to reshuffling of the schedule due to teams that were infected by the corona virus.

The Opponent

Los Angeles Rams @ Miami

  • Where: Hard Rock Stadium (Miami Gardens, FL)
  • When:  Sunday, Nov. 1
  • Time: 1 p.m. EST
  • Point Spread: Los Angeles -3.5
  • O/U 46
  • TV: FOX

On to the match ups 

The match up: on Offense

The Los Angeles Rams are ranked 10th in total offense averaging 385.7 yards per game on offense, scoring 25.1 points a game while Miami ranks 21st on offense (Down from last Game  averaging 354.3 yards per game on offense, scoring 26.7 points per game.

The match up: on Defense

The Los Angeles Rams defense is ranked 6th in total defense and is giving up on average 312.9 yards per game and allowing 17.7 points per game (second fewest in the league), while Miami is ranked 16th in total defense (Improved from last week) giving up on average 360 yards per game 18.8 points per game (third fewest in the league). (Both Improvements from last week) 

The Strategy: 

For The Dolphins:

Many have concluded that Miami’s offense under Tua will be a mixture of RPO’s, short quick passes and I am pretty sure they will take a few shots down the field. Miami still needs to find more success with their run game and our opponent will not make it any easier to establish a run game but the Dolphins need to still run the ball as a running game can be a friend to a young rookie QB who is starting his first game.

Tua has weapons and I feel they have yet to utilize as much as they should the speed of Jakeem Grant and Matt Breida with slants, end around’s and reverses. getting that speed involved can be just as effective as a solid run game.

Brian Flores has put his stamp on this team and that is on the defensive side of the ball so expect Miami’s Defense to play well and maybe be the reason Miami will win the game more than our offense. This Dolphins Defense is a young rising unit that has yet to reach were Flores will eventually get them to and that is being OVERALL a top 5 unit in the NFL.

For The Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are a solid team all around in all three phases of the game (Offense, Defense and Special Teams) they are well coached and have a very good group of highly talented players on their roster. Expect the Rams to be ready for what truly is the unknown what Miami’s offense will look like under Tua.

Despite having a solid overall team they have THE BEST DT IN THE LEAGUE Aaron Donald and an All-Pro CB Jalen Ramsey as well as a surrounding cast of players who complement their two Defensive stars. It could be a rough outing for Tua….

My Take:

This will be a battle of whose Defense plays the best because that is what will determine who wins this game as I do not expect Tua in his first start to play lights out (I sure hope he does) and I feel even though Jared Goff is a solid young QB he will not find it easy going against Miami’s defensive unit as they are starting to Gel as they have grown as a unit throughout the year.


Computer Pick: Miami 25, Rams 23

TDS Pick: Miami 24, Rams 17 (My Homer Pick)

GO MIAMI!!!!!!

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