Why Tua Now?

Why did Dolphins make Tua Tagovailoa their starting QB?

One of the dumbest arguments I am hearing from some of the talking heads standing on the sidelines throwing rocks at the decision to start Tua is that it is somehow unfair to the veteran players on the team in fact I think it was Brandon Marshall who said

“I don’t have time if I am one of those players in year 9 or year 10 and it’s pretty much over for me waiting for this guy (Tua) to develop”

Why is this a thoughtless and stupid statement? Because Miami’s roster don’t have one player on it that has 9 or 10 years of experience except Ryan Fitzpatrick who has 16 years and is the one that is being replaced!

Kyle Van Noy is the next tenured veteran at 7 years and it appears (at least to me) it was Van Noy who Brandon Marshall was claiming to have personal knowledge of some players not being happy about the move to replace Fitzpatrick.

I have noted in a previous article that the Dolphins are the 2nd youngest team in the NFL in fact lets break it down:

Miami have 11 rookies on the roster, 12 second year players, 7 third year players, 6 fourth year players, 9 five year players, 5 sixth year players and 1 seven year player and 1 player with 16 years.

I felt Fitzpatrick’s pain when he opened up to the media about his hurt feelings when he was told that Tua was going to take over the starting job as Miami’s QB. After reflecting on it I have come to be somewhat disappointed in Fitz because it was somewhat of a selfish move on his part to try and make it about him.

This team was never about Ryan Fitzpatrick and making the playoffs it truly is in YEAR 2 of their rebuild and what they are trying to do is look to the future and that future starts NOW!

I am not a huge Tua backer as of yet because I am willing to take a wait and see approach on if he will become the next true franchise QB for Miami. But I back him and the decision 100% in fact I honestly don’t want Miami to make the playoffs this year as they still posses 2 first round picks and for me i’d rather the Dolphins get as high a pick with all 4 picks in the first and second round as we also posses Houston’s pick too. In fact the higher the better!!!!

Miami was at 10th place a week ago (if the draft were held then) but after winning they have dropped to 14th and Houston who also won last week sits currently at 7th place when they were at 3 a week ago! (See Up To Date Tracker)

I feel the Dolphins are better off (win or lose) going with Tua now because this team is being built for him and he must have shown enough to give Brian Flores enough confidence to make the decision he did and I just wish these back seat drivers would just shut up and enjoy the ride!

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