New York Jets @ Miami Preview (Week 6)

New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins Matchup Preview (10/18/20): Betting Odds,  Depth Charts, Live Stream (Watch Online)

Last year as Miami was going through year 1 of their rebuild it was a really rough time for us Dolphins fans as they started off the year 0-7 and was being accused of deliberately tanking and had been blown out the first 4 games of the season.

Then the Dolphins started to become more competitive and was really close to beating the team formally known as “The Redskins” but found a way to lose that game 17-16 and it was more like no team wanted to be the first to lose to our LOWLY Dolphins so after going 0-7 Miami finally won their first game and it was against the Jets and that was the beginning of the Jets Nation hatred of former Dolphins head coach Adam Gase.

Those same Jets come to Miami under the same circumstance we endured last year as the Jets are currently 0-5 and are looking like a team headed for 0-16 and a divorce from Adam Gase the only question for them is will it happen before the end of the season?

I recall writing an article in 2012 the first year of former head coach Joe Philbin’s tenure called “Lobster Trap Game”  based off of an analogy former Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt used to illustrate the importance of not overlooking an opponent. (2012 was also the first year of The Dolphin Seer too….)

I started to use that Lobster Trap story for our game against the Jets tomorrow but I feel no need because head coach Brian Flores will not let this team take any team for granted. With that being said the Jets vs Miami over the years have proven one thing, no matter how good or bad one or the other is they seem to play each other tough, so I hope nobody is thinking this is an easy game FANS INCLUDED!

On to the Matchup

The Opponents

New York Jets @ Miami

  • Where: Hard Rock Stadium (Miami Gardens, FL)
  • When:  SundayOct. 18 2020
  • Time: 4:05 p.m. EST
  • Point Spread: Miami –9
  • O/U 47.5
  • TV: CBS

On to the match ups 

The match up: on Offense

The New York Jets are ranked 31st in total offense averaging 279.4 yards per game on offense, scoring 15 points a game while Miami ranks 20th on offense (Improved from last week) averaging 364 yards per game on offense, scoring 27 points per game.

The match up: on Defense

The New York Jets defense is ranked 25th in total defense and is giving up on average 394.2 yards per game and allowing 32.2 points per game while Miami is ranked 18th in total defense (Improved from last week) giving up on average 379 yards per game 22.6 points per game. (Both Improvements from last week) 

The Strategy: 

For The Dolphins:

As we all know by now as Fitzpatrick goes so dose this Dolphins team and even he mentioned that they just need to string a few good games together and on paper this game should not even be close as the Dolphins have the advantage from a coaching standpoint and even Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing vary well as he ranks 12th against other QB’s in the league,

The Dolphins need to do what has won them their two games they have won, starting fast on offense and score early as that gets the Defense fired up and when both units are playing well Miami will be hard to beat.

Miami’s running game still needs improvement from both a blocking standpoint and talent level thus their pursuit of RB Le’Veon Bell that fell short to SB defender Kansas City Chiefs so for now the Dolphins are stuck with what has been a major disappointment and the player most likely to have been supplanted had Miami signed Bell, Jordan Howard. I still contend that our RB’s coach is the real problem and I look forward to the day he is fired!

The Dolphins biggest weapons are their receiving core and when you add TE Mike Gesicki there will be mismatches to exploit each and every week! With Ryan being a risk taker and the weapons he has on this offense I say let it rip and play to our strengths, yes run a little to keep defense honest but pass away!

For The The New York Jets

The numbers don’t lie with the Jest ranking next to last on offense and 25th on defense this is a bad team and that is why in my power rankings they are dead last and have been for weeks now.

It still is a division opponent game and thus very dangerous remember last year the Dolphins got their first win against the Jets and i am sure the Jets would love to get some payback Today.

Miami’s head coach reminded everybody that every team have the best of the best and they should not be taken lightly!

The Jets need to run the ball effectively and keep Miami’s offense off the field if they can win time of possession and the turnover battle they can come away with a win and if Fitztragic just happens to show up and assist the Jets in a win than look for the Tua supporters to start to get restless and begin calling for a replacement at the QB position.

My Take:

This is the first time since Brian Flores was hired that his team is favored to win a game and with a 9 point spread it is clear expectations are that Miami should easily win this game but don’t fall for the old banana in the tailpipe because this is a very dangerous game and Miami can lose it.

With that being said I don’t think Miami will lose and I hope we blow them out so that we put one more nail in the coffin of Jets head coach Adam Gase! Or maybe we want them to retain Adam Gase….hmmmm???


Computer Pick: Miami 33, Jets 20

TDS Pick: Miami 27, San Francisco 14 (My Homer Pick)

GO MIAMI!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “New York Jets @ Miami Preview (Week 6)”

  1. if Miami isn’t overconfident and plays at the level of last weeks performance, this game should be another blowout….but for some reason I’m a little nervous, Fitz has to be on point today or this could be a trap

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