Miami @ San Francisco Preview (Week 5)

Miami Dolphins vs. San Francisco 49ers Matchup Preview (10/11/20): Betting  Odds, Depth Charts, Live Stream (Watch Online)

Our Dolphins go on the road this week and will take on the injury riddled San Francisco 49ERS who has about 50% of their starters injured, despite looking like a M.A.S.H unit the 49ERS are a worthy opponent who should not be taken lightly. Our Dolphins at 1-3 are in no position to be taking anybody lightly in anyway. San Francisco is looking for their first home win of the season and will most likely feel this young Dolphins team should be a win for them.

The Dolphins are starting to get some undue pressure because of what should be a reason for hope rather than complaints as they have been in just about every game and could have won at least two of the games the lost and be 3-1 and as you know your Dolphin Seer is a glass more than half full of optimism and I look at how this team that is only in year 2 of their rebuild have unlike last season been in every game they have played this young season.

So as some of our more extreme fans blow their tops over the losses Miami have had I see a team that is on the verge of being a true competitor and I am willing to show way more patience and trust in our management team that has done an excellent job in the rebuild to date.

I also have no problem where our Dolphins stand in the 2021 draft if it were held today as Miami would have 2 top 10 picks as Houston at 0-4 have turned out to be an even better move in that trade a year ago when GM Chris Grier sent Laremy Tunsil in exchange for future draft pick including their 2021 1st and 2nd picks both of which will be top picks this year.

So I once again am willing to be PATIENT when it comes to our Dolphins!

On to the game!

The Opponents

Miami @ San Francisco 49ers

  • Where: Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara, California
  • When:  Sunday, October 11th, 2020
  • Time: 4:05 p.m. EST
  • Point Spread: 49ers –9
  • O/U 47
  • TV: FOX Network

On to the match ups 

The match up: on Offense

San Francisco is ranked 11th in total offense averaging 390 yards per game on offense, scoring 26.7 points a game while Miami ranks 23rd on offense (Improved from last week) averaging 347 yards per game on offense, scoring 23.3 points per game.

The match up: on Defense

San Francisco’s defense is ranked 3rd in total defense and is giving up on average 294.8 yards per game and allowing 17 points per game while Miami is ranked 27th in total defense (Down From Last Week) giving up on average 409.8 yards per game 24 points per game. (Both Improvements from last week) 

The Strategy: 

For The Dolphins:

Miami offensively still needs to establish their run game as it has not been good enough all season long and until they can run the ball well they will continue to lose to the better teams in the league and that is who our opponents are this season some of the best in the league. I also was disappointed in Miami’s failure to get TE Mike Gesicki involved in last weeks game despite the Seahawks game planning to take him out the game. Gesicki is an excellent catching TE and might have the best hands on the team, hopefully Fitzpatrick will throw some of those 50/50 balls Gesicki’s way as I truly believe he will win those matchups more than not.

It was nice to see Matt Breda get some more touches last week and returning to his former team I can’t think of a better time for him to explode on our opponent. Miami needs to give him more touches as he has that speed to take it to the house anytime he touches the ball.

For The San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are suffering through a rash of injuries that has depleted their roster and yet they are still 2-2 and remember they made it to the SB last year so they are a well coached team with a one of the veteran teams in the league so their being at home and after a embarrassing loss to the Eagles they are looking to bounce back and protect their home.

My Take:

Despite Vegas giving the 49ers a 9 point advantage against Miami I feel this is one of those games our Dolphins could steal but as with any game this year for Miami it will not be easy to win to get. Miami needs to find their running game against the 49ers to even have a chance to win this game and ideally having Matt Breda go off on the 49ers would be nice to see.


Computer Pick: San Francisco 28, Miami 22

TDS Pick: Miami 23, San Francisco 21 (My Homer Pick)

GO MIAMI!!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Miami @ San Francisco Preview (Week 5)”

  1. I’m so sorry I’ve moved from Florida to DC because my company sent me there I will make sure I get my stuff together for you before the end of the day

  2. You’re slacking Markey….I am waiting patiently for an article in regards to last week’s game and the beating we gave San Francisco, which was more devastating than the last earthquake to hit the region. It’s all good because Miami said everything we needed to hear on the field. Now it’s time to kick the jets, squarely in the gase (capitalization of certain names intentionally omitted).

  3. Gotta gut feeling (unlike last week) that this game ends in the win column for Miami. Go Phins

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