TDS 1st Quarter Grade For Our Miami Dolphins

Well we are 1/4 of the season down and find ourselves at 1-3 and normally 1-3 is not good and even though the saying is you are what your record says you are. I (A self admitted Homer) see things differently. So I will most likely be called on the carpet for my grade of our team and I am sure besides being called other things I’ll be accused of seeing through my “HOMER EYES”!

I entered this season having FEW EXPECTATIONS for Miami other than one and that is I did not want them to get blown out despite how truly difficult the schedule is for our Dolphins. (Miami has the 3rd toughest schedule in 2020) and I am pleasantly surprised that other than the New England game the Dolphins could have won every other game they have played.

And even against New England they hung in there!

Miami has lost to Buffalo currently 4-0, Seattle currently 4-0 and New England currently 2-1, that’s a combined win loss of 10-1! And besides some mistakes by a extremely young roster Miami could have been 3-1 just as well as were they actually are at 1-3!

So to me they are (in just year two of their rebuild) well on their way to being a team that will be able to not only stay close in some of these games against top tier teams in the NFL but they are a just few less mistakes away from upsetting some of these top teams on their schedule!

Miami have rookies starting and basically learning on the job and they also have a young QB prospect that will hopefully live up to his potential as soon as it is the right time to put him in. Just don’t get on that rollercoaster ride the media and some impatient Dolphins fans are on who take every bad game by Ryan Fitzpatrick as some reason to badger Brian Flores about when will Tua start!

In fact part of my grade for the Dolphins is due to what I feel is the correct way they are handling Tua Tagovailoa.

So my first Quarter grade for our Dolphins is a C+ borderline B with the arrow pointing up!

This team is well managed, well coached and prepared well for every game and as they continue to develop through out this 2020 season we will start to see this young team mature and what is even more exciting is looking forward towards whatever off season free agents they will add to the roster and the quality draft picks they currently are slated to have.

It’s truly about the POTENTIAL and having faith that these Dolphins are headed in the right direction!

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