Seattle @ Miami Review (Week 4)

Seattle Seahawks pull away in 4th quarter for 31-23 win over stubborn Miami  Dolphins team - Field Gulls

I hope our readers now understand why TDS is the best place to get a voice of reason when it comes to our Dolphins. I left Sundays game more encouraged than ever about our team. Scrolling thorough the internet there were nothing but a bunch of unrealistic & angry folks upset about the loss.

So if you want some support for your rage about how the Dolphins SHOULD HAVE WON THAT GAME than you are at the wrong place because I am all about what is right with Miami rather than what went wrong and more importantly hopefully after you read this post you too will see why yesterday’s game was one of the best games this team had played and even how this season despite our 1-3 start is already a huge success!

Let’s start off with how this team “The Second Youngest Team In The NFL” a team that is in just year 2 of a total rebuild held it’s own against one of the Super Bowl Contenders this year! Yes Seattle is a top team in the NFL and have a 4-0 record and they are REALY THAT GOOD and if you read my preview you will remember I said that Seattle is the team our Dolphins would love to be like and I stand by that.

About the Game

The reality is being such a young team the Dolphins will have to LEARN how to become a consistent winner and that will come with some growing pains. I am not sure what some of your expectations were regarding our Dolphins but I suggest you maybe get a reality grip and lower them. I made mention last week in support of a comment by THE4NAK8R a new visitor and commenter to our site when he posted in my MUST READ article “Turning This Lemon Schedule Into……???”

“I’ll give your recipe a try….although I may add a little vodka to the mix…as far as this season goes I will not judge the team based on W or L..but by how tough they play….don’t get me wrong, I prefer wins. But you will never hear me complain about a close game that results in a loss (as long as it’s not against the jets)..I feel this team has already surpassed my expectations in the rebuild”

I suggest all of our Dolphins fans take that position as I surely do! Would I have preferred a win? ABSOLUTLY! But I’m just as giddy when they are at least being competitive and where we can see the potential they have!

Need I remind any of you about the disastrous start of the 2019 season?

In my preview I made this statement

“So it whoever shows up Sunday (Fitzmagic or Fitztragic) that will determine the game for Miami and I say trying to establish a run game even against the 2nd ranked run defense will go a long way to keep Miami in the game and not a shootout!”

Ryan Fitzpatrick did not have one of his best games but the offensive line was under pressure more than in previous games and Ryan’s first INT was off of a tipped ball. Fitzpatrick was 29 of 45 with 315 yards passing and threw 2 int’s and here is the real key to Miami’s loss Ryan was the leading rusher with 6 carries for 47 yards. But this comment is why I love and SUPPORT Ryan Fitzpatrick…..“I felt like there were a lot of guys on our team that played well enough to win. I unfortunately was not one of them.” More on my feelings about Ryan in my final comments!

Miami failed to capitalize in the Redzone and what should have been TD’s turned into 5 field Goals as Jason Sanders (my opponents kicker in the TDS FFL) helped seal my fate and dropped me to 0-4 (Sigh)!

Seattle’s Defense is really good and complements their offense well they are tough they have two BIG HOGs in the middle that was hard to run against no wonder they were 2nd against the run coming into that game and might be first after they effectively shut down Miami run game (Something that is still our Achilles Heel)

Miami’s YOUNG DEFENSE is still a work in progress as our 20 year old rookie CB is getting his welcome to the NFL young man treatment as Russel Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks receivers made for a long day for Noah Igbinoghene none more hurtful than when in the final seconds of the second quarter when Russell Wilson connected with WR David Moore for 57 yards that lead to a TD at the end of the half sending them into halftime up 17-9!

“I knew what to do,” Igbinoghene said. “I just made a mistake.”

Welcome to the NFL Noah!

I love the fact that he is being attacked and I hope Brain Flores just let the kid (20 years old) continue to learn and grow this year he is talented and eventually Noah will start to improve, I also noticed that he is still not covering crossing routes very well as he is slow to react and got torched there too.


The better team won, Plain and simple!

None of us should be surprised, but if you can’t take the time and see the good from this game as our Dolphins were in the game up until late when Seattle finally pulled away late in the game 31-15 than you are in for a long season.

I suggest trying to keep everything in perspective we have a very young inexperienced team that is playing the 2nd or 3rd toughest schedule in the NFL and for this team it will help them learn what it takes to win in this league with the best EVEN in a loss they can learn that they have to do better.

But here is the really good news many of you fail to see and that is my best attribute for those looking to accentuate the positive!

Miami currently have two top 10 picks in the upcoming NFL draft the #3 pick from Houston and our pick #10 and you can track it HERE!

In my support of Ryan Fitzpatrick I want to denounce the constant calls for putting Tua in as our starting QB when he is not ready, just sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster ride called FITZ Migic/Tragic and try my lemonade recipe and add the Vodka THE4NAK8R suggested !!!

On To San Francisco!

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3 thoughts on “Seattle @ Miami Review (Week 4)”

  1. I was born for it…The Dolphins and I both came to existence the same year. And being born in West Palm Beach, they were the only team in the state. I fondly remember running around in my Csonka jersey as a child.
    So yeah…I might be the biggest homer ever.

  2. Thanks for the props Markey….I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and its so bright I’m gonna have to get a welders mask.

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