Lynn Bowden Jr.’s Dolphin’s Debut

Dolphins News: Miami breaks out the Wildcat with Lynn Bowden Jr. - A Sea Of  Blue
Future Weapon?

The Miami Dolphins have added to their roster a player that has the potential to be a special weapon for our team if he can just keep his head on his shoulders. The average Dolphins fan most likely is oblivious to the fact that Miami made a trade for the very talented Bowden with the Raiders who drafted Bowden in the 3rd round.

Amidst rumors of Bowden being Uninspiring in Training Camp, having Difficulty Picking up the Raiders Offense and Suspected Character Issues the Raiders after just a few months of spending a 3rd round pick on the talented young man decided to trade him to Miami and GM Chris Grier made the wise decision to take a chance on talent despite what seems to be a troubled young man.

For Bowden it’s a clean slate to hopefully find a home with a team that is young and seeking as much talent as they can get their hands on and with veteran play caller Chain Gailey who better to utilize a talented young man and who better to be his coach than Brian Flores who commands respect and is also willing to take some risk.

Hopefully this one play is the beginning of more to came and at the very least Miami have put something on tape that Defensive Coordinators will have to stay up thinking about.

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