Seattle @ Miami Preview (Week 4)

Dolphins vs. Seahawks (Week 1 Preview) | NFL - YouTube

The 3-0 Seattle Seahawks comes to Miami Sunday to face the 1-2 Dolphins after Miami went on the road last week and despite being the underdog and everybody but die hard Dolphins fans picked Jacksonville to win…Miami not only won that game but they blew the Jags out as all three phases of the Dolphins team (Offense, Defense and Special Teams) played well.

The Seahawks are not the Jags as they are truly one of the top teams in the NFL and the beginning of what seems to be a very difficult schedule for Miami moving forward. The Dolphins are a young team that are well coached and have talent and even though I do not expect a win Sunday I do expect the game to be close and would not be surprised with an upset.

The Seahawks are what the Dolphins are striving to become as they are truly a playoff contender and potential SB team in 2020 and this has been their direction since the hired head coach Pete Carroll in 2010 and within two years he had them in the playoffs and they have been a contender ever since in fact they won the SB in just his third year as their head coach and have been either number 1 or number 2 in their division ever since Carroll took over.

It is no surprise that the success of the Seahawks coincide with one of the biggest slights/steals in NFL draft history as Russell Wilson fell to the 3rd round pick # 75 in 2012 NFL Draft and if you follow the timeline of when the Seahawks became perirenal contenders a lot of it has to do with Wilson who’s accomplishments are as follows

And those are just his NFL honors as his college resume is just as impressive and that was why it was so shocking to see Wilson overlooked in the 2012 NFL draft for me especially because he played for my 2nd home state College Wisconsin and he was just as amazing for the Badgers!

We Dolphins fans can only hope that our young Russell Wilson Clone Tua Tagaviola can have a measure of success as Wilson! We also can only hope that head coach Brian Flores can have the success that Pete Carroll has obtained in Seattle and that our Dolphins will once again gain the respect/fear that Seattle who has a 12-1 odds to make the playoffs vs our Dolphins who currently have a  100-1 odds to make the playoffs.

The Opponents

Seattle @ Miami

  • Where: Hard Rock Stadium – Miami Gardens, FL
  • When:  Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020
  • Time: 1 p.m. EST
  • Point Spread: Seattle –7
  • O/U 54.5
  • TV: NFL Network

On to the match ups 

The match up: on Offense

Seattle is ranked 9th in total offense averaging 408 yards per game on offense, scoring 37 points a game while Miami ranks 26th on offense (Improved from last week) averaging 324.3 yards per game on offense, scoring 23.3 points per game.

The match up: on Defense

Seattle’s defense is ranked dead last 32nd in total defense and is giving up on average 497.3 yards per game 28.7 points per game while Miami is ranked 25th in total defense (Improved from last week) giving up on average 440.5 yards per game 26 points per game.

The Strategy: 

For The Dolphins:

As enticing it would be to get into a shootout with the Seahawks especially considering they have the leagues worst pass Defense giving up 430.7 passing yards per game and at the same time they have the leagues 2nd best run defense and rushing the ball is something Miami is still struggling with, it would be nice if Miami can find their run game this week and not get into a shootout as Russel Wilson is a CONSISTANT TD making machine while Ryan Fitzpatrick can be erratic at the QB position he can throw 4-5 TD’s in a game but at the same time he can just as well throw that many INT’s in a game. So it whoever shows up Sunday (Fitzmagic or Fitztragic) that will determine the game for Miami and I say trying to establish a run game even against the 2nd ranked run defense will go a long way to keep Miami in the game and not a shootout!

For The Seahawks:

Russell Wilson is amazing at the QB position he is a top 5 QB in the league and is extremely smart and accurate with the ball and have one of the best deep balls in the game and that is not all! Russell Wilson is also a mobile QB who can allude sacks with the best of them. He is the total package and the reason why teams have ditched height as the qualifying factor in determining if they will draft a QB. Wilson is everything we Dolphins fans want our young apprentice QB to be and they are truly more alike in just about they way they play. It’s just Russell Wilson has proven it on the NFL level something many of our Dol-Fans are hoping will come soon for Tua.

My Take:

This is a good game for Miami (win or lose) because they will match up against one of the best teams in the league and as this young team feels their way through the 2020 season and learn what it takes to win there are only upsides to a game like this. Miami surprised many last week against the Jags not just winning but winning handily and just like that game the Dolphins find themselves the underdogs and rightfully so against Seattle. I just want what I have preached so far is that Miami do not let this game get away from them but keep it close and hopefully surprise a few more people Sunday!! That will be a tall order….


Computer Pick: Seattle 31, Miami 26

TDS Pick: Seattle 30, Miami 33 (My Homer Pick)

GO MIAMI!!!!!!

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((((Please support my site by listening to my podcast I have sponsors!))))

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