TDS “Go Fund Me” Plea….???

Ok I am getting closer to my ultimate goal of buying the Dolphins from Dolphins owner Stephen Ross as your support of my means of getting the cash is taking off and I figure in about 1oo millions years at the rate I am collecting the funds I will be able to maybe purchase the team.

Current Kitty ($1.17) I’m Ritch!!!!!

I’m just not sure I will be around that long so my plea to you my readers and podcast listeners that you need to drastically increase your listening to my podcast. Do you think you can help me reduce the time by 1/2 that will keep my hope alive!

Support My Podcast It’s free to listen and my predictions and O/U are getting pretty good if you make money off of my numbers look out for your Dolphin Seer! 🙂

You can also sponsor TDS (Click Here To Support!)

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