When Will It Be Tua Time?

Tua Tagovailoa planning financially savvy move for rookie year

I also debated on the title “When SHOULD It Be Tua Time?” Either way it’s a legitimate question to ask and just like everything in life it is debatable.

The truly “DIE HARD” Tua Fans wanted him to start the season and after the loss in game one when we got “Fitztragic” (Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Evil Twin) who threw 3 INT’s and looked terrible in a loss to New England the Tua supporters were screaming for our young “Savior” to come and rescue us!

Had Ryan Fitzpatrick played poorly in game two the cries would have been deafening! Thankfully Ryan has played back to back games where his evil twin has been nowhere around and the win (Blowout) this past Thursday has muffled the sounds of the Tua or Bust crowed who are most likely “Hoping” that Fitztragic” will string a few bad games together so that we can see our future young QB take over the reigns.

So this brings us to the question WHEN???!!!

When will Tua Tagovailoa start or When SHOULD he start is more like it.

I must first admit I am not a “Die Hard” Tua fan but don’t confuse me with being a Tua Hater or skeptic for neither am I. The best way to describe how I feel about  Tua Tagovailoa  is I am neutral, I don’t hate him and I have yet to fully endorse him. I am hoping that he does meet many of my fellow Dol-Fans expectations but I also know that college Football success does not always equate to NFL success and for that reason alone I will not get my hopes up.

With all of that being said I truly believe that the simple answer is WHEN HE IS TRULY READY.

I feel that his sitting behind Ryan Fitzpatrick is a great blessing for our young QB and to soak in a full season of carrying the clipboard and sitting in the weekly preparations for games is invaluable and to learn from the success and mistakes of our lovable Ryan Fitzpatrick will go a long way towards Tua Tagovailoa having a successful career.  Also having Chan Gailey to learn from is PRICELESS!

There are more benefits to Tua Tagovailoa sitting than starting and there are many factors to take into consideration before he should be put in the starting lineup. One factor that is looking promising is the Offensive Line play as we have 4 new starters (2 of them Rookies) and so far after 3 games they look very good! Pass protection is critical considering Tua’s injury history and the pass pro has been superb so far.  

Miami’s head coach Brian Flores is the one who will ultimately make that call and here are some things Brian Flores has said on this issue:

‘I Want What Is Best For Him’

Speaking with reporters, Flores said that there is a possibility the team will delay activating the rookie quarterback to allow more time for him to recover from his hip injury. “That is definitely part of the conversation, for sure,…We’re at 10 months. It was a pretty serious injury. He looks good, though, you guys have seen him. He looks good. He looks healthy. He’s moving around, to his right and to his left. But yes that is part of the conversation. Look, he’s a great kid. I care about him. I want what’s best for him. And that’s definitely part of the conversation.”

Tagovailoa suffered a dislocated and fractured hip on November 16, 2019. After having surgery, he has hit all of the post-operation milestones that doctors were looking for and has impressed so far in camp…..(CBSMiami)

I totally agree with the thought process of Brian Flores and feel that when they feel comfortable they will insert Tua Tagovailoa into the starting lineup and then it SHOULD BE TUA TIME!

Until then I suggest you just get your popcorn ready and enjoy the “FITZMAGIC SHOW”

I want to know your opinion on the matter when do YOU think Tua should start?


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2 thoughts on “When Will It Be Tua Time?”

  1. Nailed it on this one markey…as long as Fitz plays well, leave him in. IMO there is no rush to start Tua. Good thing come to those who wait

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