Should Miami Add A Veteran Defensive Coach To Their Staff?

Wade Phillips discusses difficult Broncos departure, surprise retirements,  his new book, more

One of the hardest things for a young head coach when he is hired is getting a “Quality Staff” together because of their limited relationships with many of the coaches in the league. That is why they often raid the staff of the team they are leaving giving some less experienced position coaches a chance to advance and that sometimes work but often it is a transition that can take some time learning on the job and in turn with the lack of patience from fans to owners often derail efforts to slowly develop a staff.

Our own Brian Flores went through a similar problem last year as he was hired late in the season because of helping the Patriots win their last SB. Flores’ head must have been spinning knowing he wanted to fulfill his obligation to New England and at the same time start to identify a staff to come join him in Miami. Unfortunately by the time he did come aboard there were limited options for him to choose from.

So early February of 2019 it was announced that Brian Flores had hired his staff:

2019 Miami Dolphins Coaching Staff

Assistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks  Jim Caldwell, Offensive Coordinator  Chad O’Shea, Assistant Quarterbacks  Jerry Schuplinski, Running Backs  Eric Studesville, Wide Receivers – Karl Dorrell, Tight Ends  George Godsey, Offensive Line  Dave DeGuglielmo, Offensive Line  Pat Flaherty, Defensive Coordinator  Patrick Graham, Defensive Line Marion Hobby, Linebackers  Rob Leonard, Defensive Pass Game Coordinator/Cornerbacks  Josh Boyer, Safeties  Tony Oden, Special Teams Coordinator Danny Crossman, Assistant Special Teams  Brendan Farrell, Quality Control Josh Grizzard,

It did not take long for Brian Flores to have some regrets in who he chose to work for him as Assistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks  Jim Caldwell soon stepped down due to what was reported as health problems and he fired Offensive Line coach Pat Flaherty on July 29th before the season started.

After the season there were more departures from his staff as he fired Offensive Coordinator – Chad O’Shea and he allowed Defensive Coordinator Patrick Graham to take a lateral position with the NY Giants and he was accompanied by Assistant Quarterbacks Coach Jerry Schuplinski also Offensive Line Coach  Dave DeGuglielmo who replaced fired O-Lne coach Pat Flaherty even though one report said Dave DeGuglielmo and the Dolphins mutually parted ways.

Brian Flores brought in Offensive Coordinator Chan Gaile, Quarterbacks Coach  Robby Brown and promoted Defensive Pass Game Coordinator/Cornerbacks Coach  Josh Boyer to Defensive Coordinator.

2020 Miami Dolphins Coaching Staff

Offensive Coordinator – Chan Gaile, Quarterbacks – Robby Brown, Running Backs – Eric Studesville, Wide Receivers– Josh Grizzard, Tight Ends – George Godsey, Offensive Line – Steve Marshall, Assistant Offensive Line – Lemuel Jeanpierre, Quality Control – Kolby Smith, Defensive Coordinator – Josh Boyer, Defensive Line – Marion Hobby, Assistant Defensive Line – Rob Leonard, Linebackers – Anthony Campanile, Outside Linebackers – Austin Clark, Defensive Backs – Gerald Alexander, Assistant Defensive Backs – Curt Kuntz, Quality Control – Mike Judge, Special Teams Coordinator – Danny Crossman, Assistant Special Teams – Brendan Farrell, Head Strength and Conditioning – Dave Puloka, Assistant Strength and Conditioning – Jim Arthu

So in just his second season Brian Flores have made quite a few changes to his coaching staff that so far appear to be working. Many of us (Myself Included) questioned the firing of Chad O’Shea because it appeared that he had done a very good job with what he had to work with but reports started to surface that his offense brought over from New England was to complicated for many of the players to understand.

Chan Gailey seems to have a better command of his system and so far Miami’s offense is looking very good after a slow start against the Patriots in game one.

It shows the value of an experienced OC and now that we have a veteran OC and hopefully a younger assistant to work under Gailey Miami’s offense appear too be in very good shape.

On defense we have a similar situation that we had with Chad O’Shea in 2019 in that current DC Josh Boyer is a first time DC and is limited in his experience so my premise of this article is should Brian Flores bring in another veteran DC to assist in Josh Boyer’s development?

There is one such person that is ideal for the position and he is actually looking for a job and I feel his experience would be invaluable to the development of Josh Boyer and his name is Wade Phillips who says he feels he ‘could help somebody’ again I would think an experienced defensive mind like Phillips could bring great value to our defense and give Jish Boyer a resource to rely on that he lacks currently.

I am sure it will never happen but as your Dolphin Seer I will always explore options that I feel would improve our team and this is one option I endorse wholeheartedly!

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2 thoughts on “Should Miami Add A Veteran Defensive Coach To Their Staff?”

  1. That is an interesting twist that I didn’t think about when it comes to Fitzpatrick Even though I do think he would be a good quarterback coach starting out and working his way up to an offensive coordinator and we’ll just have to agree to disagree on my idea when it comes to having a veteran defensive coach on the team Brian Flores has too many responsibilities to be bogged down trying to help Josh Boyer even though I’m pretty sure he does sit in any meetings

  2. Gotta disagree with you on this one. As much clout as Phillips has, I feel Flo can groom Boyer…..As for Gailey, my gut tells me he is here to groom Fitzpatrick in the nuances of coaching. I would not be surprised to see Fitz eventually stepping into the role of OC. He’s smart enough to tweak Gailey’s playbook to his own. Plus….the magic offence just sounds good

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