Patience Still Required For My Fellow Dol-Fans!

Headed In The Right Direction?

There is no more frustrating thing than to see some diehard fans lose their minds in thinking Miami is a better team than they currently are. I did not expect the Dolphins to win either of their first two games of the season as New England (Especially after signing Cam Newton) is just a better team than Miami this year and Buffalo is also the better team for now!

Miami will spend YEAR TWO OF THE REBUILD establishing their foundation that they have put together in what will be HOPEFULLY the only year they will go without a full training camp and preseason games. The Patriots and Bills are much further ahead of our Dolphins so the shortened off-season should have not had as much of an affect on them as the Dolphins who have just about a 50% roster turnover than last years roster.

So as the Dolphins journey through the 2020 season (Did I mention their year 2 of the rebuild?) my fellow Dolphins fans need to take a “CHILL PILL” the media will stoke the flames as they also overreact to Miami losing games early on. But remember last years start of the season? Miami gave up record numbers as they were blown out of the water. They lost game one to the Ravens 59-10 game 1 last year and game 2 they lost to New England AT HOME IN MIAMI 43-0, then they lost to the Cowboys 31-6 and lost another home game to the Chargers 30-10! After their first 4 games last year Miami gave up 163 point while just scoring 26 points!

Miami so far went up to New England and lost 21-11 and held their own against Buffalo losing 31-28!

So why are some of you upset?

Why we can be encouraged!

There are plenty of signs of progress despite going 0-2 this year and possibly 0-3 after tonight’s game in Jacksonville. (Miami is the underdog) so far out of the gate we see that the Offensive line is doing a good job of pass blocking giving Ryan Fitzpatrick plenty of time in the pocket and we are starting 2 rookies on the line!

Miami is the 2nd youngest team in the NFL and the only way they are going to get better is by growing as the year moves on.

Our Rookie CB Noah Igbinoghene was torched playing against one of the best WR’s in the NFL Buffalo’s Stefon Diggs and I am sure he will learn from the embarrassment of allowing Diggs to get the best of him throughout the game. But keep in mind our young rookie is 20 years old! He was thrust into a position he was not even prepared for as veteran CB Byron Jones suffered an injury after the 2nd play in the game.

Some like myself questioned why Miami did not switch Xavien Howard on Diggs but did it really matter as the Dolphins got beat by all of the Bills WR’s as their QB Josh Allen was the one who really torched Miami as all of the secondary had problems in protection INCLUDING HOWARD!

This year has been a year of injuries and quite a few players are already lost for the season.

I think it’s time to have a realistic view of our Dolphins that they are still developing and are still in the 2nd year of the rebuild they have done a good job of building a solid foundation but there is much more work to be done.

Miami have 2 first and 2nd round picks this upcoming 2021 NFL draft and now all they need to do is start filling spots on the roster like Safety, Edge Rushers, young WR’s to grow with Tua and more….

So as the Dolphins play tonight why not take a more humble approach and come to grips that they can lose this game.

The last game vs Buffalo was actually a major improvement over the past two years where Buffalo did not even make it a close game. I was just happy Miami didn’t get blown out like their last 3 matchups vs Buffalo!

If you need some medicine should Miami lose a game just stop by TDS and get a soothing realistic view of our Dolphins as the future is truly bright, but for now we are not on the level of the top teams in the NFL but we are headed in the right direction!

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