Mike Gasicki Is Quickly Ascending Up Dolphins Top Tight Ends All Time List!

Forgotten Freak: Miami TE Mike Gesicki | Dynasty Nerds

It’s been a while since Miami have had a top TE but there is a list of some quality TE’s in the History of Miami. Names like: Bruce Hardy, Jim Mandich, Keith Jackson, Randy McMichael, Joe Rose, Anthony Fasano, Troy Drayton, Dion Sims… come to mind and entering his 3rd season TE Mike Gasicki is starting to mature into a top tier TE in the NFL and he is quickly ascending up the board of the past TE’s that have played some legitimate time in a Dolphins uniform.

After 2 games Mike Gasicki is the top receiving TE in the NFL! He is making catches that make highlight reals and he is a tough matchup for Defenses. At 6′- 6″ 250LBS he has the athletic body and talent to be a top TE and if he stays healthy his 3rd season will be one of his best after showing promise in year two.

Having a TE who catches like a WR is so helpful to the passing game as now with Parker and Williams (6-4 and 6-5) respectively Miami have one of the tallest receiving groups in the NFL.

So look for Mike Gasicki to keep rising up the leader board in the NFL as well as in Miami Dolphins history and in my heart!

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7 thoughts on “Mike Gasicki Is Quickly Ascending Up Dolphins Top Tight Ends All Time List!”

  1. Enjoying the great articles! Found you from PP… I do agree with 4NAK8TR, the font is a bit light (thin) for reading. And would be amazing it your replies were attached to the comment so it makes the thread easier to see who’s talking to who about what. But great start and your writing is far better than the trash over there.

  2. I really appreciate your support It’s been somewhat frustrating that I do not have regular posters even though I have quite a few hits over the years.

    Please rate the articles that you read there are 5 stars above each article 1 being you did not like it and 5 that you did and somewhere in between depending on how you felt about the article and I ALWAYS enjoy comments even if you disagree because at the end of the day we are all Dolphins Fans even if we have to agree to disagree…

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  4. Already spreading the word….the only thing I would change is I find the font leans a little too much on the gray side. If you could darken it up a touch it will make for an easier read IMO

  5. Thank you for your comment and welcome to the dolphins seer where we accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative please feel free to invite any other people to come and visit this site I have over 1500 articles that I’ve written over the past 7 years feel free to do a little history search in my search engine and I welcome any comments and feedback from my articles once again thank you for visiting the dolphin seer markey h

  6. Finally a Dolphins site for actual fans..so sick of phin phanatic with their two faced articles, along with the plethora of haters and trolls on the comment boards. If you can keep that under control then I have found my new home. Keep up the good work and GO PHINS !!!!!!!

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