No Stars!

Not so Fast: Some Stars Show a Spin-down Slowdown
Miami is missing stars!

I love the rebuild that Miami has undertaken they do have a much more solid team than last year when they totally dismantled the team and began the process of starting from scratch and even though they exceeded expectations winning 5 games last year we all expected more this 2nd year of the rebuild.

So far it is quite apparent that Miami will need some time to develop the team they currently have but what is also apparent is this roster LACKS star power on both sides of the ball. They truly are a solid team and they have talent but they lack a true pass rushing threat that Cam Wake/Jason Taylor on defense and they also lack a true top tier playmaker on offense. Yes some will point to DeVante Parker and I will say yes he is good but he is also always injured.

It finally dawned on me as I was putting together my preview of the Dolphins vs Jacksonville and I made a point that it is a sad state of affairs that the narrative heading into the game is Mustache vs Beard and I began to think there are not top WR’s, RB’s nor Defensive players to highlight and the most popular player is our Bearded Lovable Ryan Fitzpatrick?!

So Miami’s number one objective should be to add star power difference makers in the offseason. So prepare to see some solid play from Miami but without a difference maker on either side of the ball it will be a struggle throughout the 2020 season.

But keep in Mind this is JUST YEAR TWO of the rebuild and PETIENCE is still required.

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