Miami @ Jacksonville Preview (Week 3)

Thursday Night Football Spotlight: Miami at Jacksonville - Full Press  Coverage

I remember a time when the Miami Dolphins were the only NFL team in Florida, it was ironically a time when our Dolphins (thanks to the great Don Shula) were one of the top teams in the NFL always in the hunt for the Super bowl and even accomplishing that goal on quite a few occasions and winning it twice!

Unfortunately our Dolphins have been one of the bottom feeders of the NFL ever since Don Shula retired (Forced to retire) over the past 25 years the Dolphins have been lost in the wilderness. Now there are 3 NFL teams in Florida and Miami will face the Jacksonville Jaguars this Thursday night in what will be Miami’s only prime time game of the season.

The Dolphins have lost their first two games of the season and the Jaguars have split their first two games of the season and both teams are in the process of rebuilding. The Jaguars had a very solid young nucleolus of players but things imploded when their former GM and old school personality Tom Coughlin who was being accused of excessively fining his players in fact The NFLPA took the unusual step of publicly warning free agents against signing with the Jaguars because of Coughlin’s reported disregard for player rights. According to the NFLPA, over 25 percent of player grievances in the past two seasons had been filed against the Jaguars

So the owner who intended to fire Coughlin at seasons end decide to fire him right away. Some good players moved on and now the Jaguars are once again in rebuild mode. But they are still playing some good football and Miami will have a hard time coming out of there with a win Thursday night.

The Opponent

Miami at Jacksonville

  • Where: TIAA Bank Field 
  • When:  Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8:20 p.m. ET
  • Point Spread: Jaguars –3
  • O/U 47
  • TV: NFL Network

On to the match ups 

It’s a sad state of affairs when the narrative leading into the game is Mustache vs Beard as that is the leading headline from the news media going into the game. When you think about it both teams are lacking in star power.

Miami have a young team that is still learning each other and will struggle early on to get traction so it is not wrong that they are heading into the game as an underdog because so far Jacksonville has come out of the gates with a win and Miami is winless heading on the road to Jacksonville.

The match up: on Offense

Jacksonville’s is ranked 20th in total offense after two games in the season averaging 360.5 yards per game on offense, scoring 28.5 points a game while Miami ranks 22nd on offense averaging 339.5 yards per game on offense, scoring 19.5 points per game.

The match up: on Defense

Jacksonville’s defense is ranked 23rd in total defense and is giving up on average 399.5 yards per game 26.5 points per game while Miami is ranked 30th in total defense (Very disappointing) giving up on average 440.5 yards per game 26 points per game.

The Strategy: 

For The Dolphins:

The Dolphins coming off a loss to Buffalo in their home opener actually looked better on offense than in week one against the Patriots as Ryan Fitzpatrick had a very good game and threw for 3 TD’s (Could have been 4) and for over 300 yards passing. The Dolphins fan base are in panic mode despite it just being two games into the season and them playing the two best teams in our division early on.

Miami needs to find their run game as it has yet to get really on track even though Myles Gaskins have had some success they still need to get Matt Breda and Jordan Howard more involved that was why they were signed this offseason.

Pass blocking have been very solid so far and that is a pleasant surprise and hopefully they can keep it up.

Mike Gesicki had a monster game last week and is turning into a solid weapon on offense and with Parker and Williams they have an advantage with their height and should exploit that advantage weekly!

For The Jaguars:

Jacksonville’s QB Gardner Minshew had a solid and efficient week last week as they beat the Colts as he threw 19 of 20 passes for 173 yards and 3 TD’s they also have a solid RB in James Robinson who is a beast and need to be contained. They play very efficient ball and if they can keep plying balanced ball Miami will find it hard to come out with a win.

My Take:

This is a game where Miami is plying a team very comparable to their level in fact the Jags have played better so far than Miami but I feel Miami has had a tougher go out of the gate than Jacksonville so I can see if Miami plays to their potential how they can come away with their first win of the season. I can also see teams thinking they can’t lose to our Dolphins and so no matter who Miami plays they will be in a dogfight each and every game.


Computer Pick: Jacksonville 27, Miami 25 (O/U 52)

TDS Pics: Miami 30, Jacksonville 24 (I am a homer)

Enjoy the game.

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