Buffalo @ Miami Preview (Week 2)

The Buffalo Bills 'Squish The Fish' 37-20

The long awaited and still very risky NFL season kicked off last week and we now can start to get a view of how teams starting out the gate looked and there was a stark contrast between our Dolphins who stumbled out of the gate up in New England while the Bills living up to the Hype easily handled the New York Jets in their home opener.

I really hate the Bills more than any team in our division because I am truly jealous that they appear to be a true contender in possibly winning our division as they have done a very good job in their rebuilding of that team over the past 3+ years and the results are showing. But until they can beat the Patriots I am not sold on the hype of them being the front-runner to winning the AFC East.

The Bills have handled our Dolphins quite easily over the past two seasons and even swept our Dolphins last season (Even NE didn’t do that) so this home game vs the Bills will be a challenge and Miami will need to play better than last week to even have a change to beat Buffalo this Sunday.

Buffalo Bills at Miami

  • Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami
  • When: Sunday, September 20th, 2020 at 1:00 pm EDT
  • Point Spread: Bills –5.5
  • Total 42
  • TV: CBS

Buffalo comes to Miami week 2 of the 2020 NFL regular season as one of the top ranked offenses in the league (ranked 6th). As well as defensively they rank 3rd after week one.

Miami on the other hand is ranked 28th on offense and 12th on Defense but they also gave up the fewest passing yards after week one 140 even though that had more to do with the Patriots who rushed 42 times for 217 yards against our Dolphins and Cam Newton had a team-high 15 rushes for 75 yards and two touchdowns, and 155 yards on 15-of-19 passing.


On to the match ups 

The match up: on Offense

The Bills looked really good last week against the Jets and in resent history have been able to easily dismiss Miami and going off of last weeks performances this might just be another beat down by the Bills.

Miami even though they lost the game last week (As I expected) did not look as bad as some of the “Chicken Little” fans and bloggers who overreacted to the loss. The Dolphins much like last year will need to improve weekly in their play and eventually they will hit their stride as the talent (unlike last year) is there.

Buffalo enters the game with the 6th ranked offense while the Dolphins enter the game with the 28th ranked offense. Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to have a better game this week as he threw 3 INT’s in last weeks loss. (Not all on him)

The match up: on Defense

Buffalo enters the game with the 3rd ranked defense while the Dolphins enter the game with the 12th ranked defense. The Dolphins struggled containing Cam Newton (Running QB) and they will face another mobile QB in Josh Allen. Hopefully with better technique!

The Strategy: 

For The Dolphins:

The Dolphins coming off a loss to New England need to do the very thing I had posted before last weeks season opener, something they have struggled with for years STOPPING the run and ESTABLISHING their Run game. Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to have a better game this week to ward off the panicking fans who already want to prematurely start Tua Tagovailoa. Miami needs to have a balanced attack and IMO they need to stop rotating their RB’s and let J Howard get on track. The Offensive line did very well in pass protection last week but needs to do better in run blocking.

The Bills swept our Dolphins last year and blew them out the last three match-ups so they have the Dolphins number. Hopefully the 200 million Dollars invested this off-season by Miami will start to pay dividends especially on the defensive side of the ball.

For The Bills:

Buffalo would be foolish not to test Miami’s run defense after New England gained over 200 yards rushing against Miami last week and the RPO was not defensed real well by our revamped defense. Look for Buffalo to try and play the same game NE did with their mobile QB Josh Allen. Hopefully they have corrected whatever mistakes made to give up so many rushing yards last week.

My Take:

Even though Buffalo has had the Dolphins number these past two seasons I do see the potential that Miami can get a win this week. The Dolphins need to play sound on defense and stay GAP sound and also get more pressure on the QB this week. How about assigning a QB SPY?

Miami also need to put up more than 11 points and that would require them to do a better job of running the ball and also not turning the ball over 3 INT’s in a game is never a good thing and will be a major reason why the team will lose.

I am expecting a better game from Ryan Fitzpatrick and I am hopeful for the upset and finally sending Buffalo a message that they can’t push our Dolphins around anymore!


Computer Pick: Buffalo 24, Miami 17 (O/U 41)

TDS Pics: Miami 20, Buffalo 14 (Upset Special)

Enjoy the game.

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