Weekly Prediction Review (Week 1)

This year to get the weekly prediction you need to listen to our weekly podcast but I will post after the last games of the week the results on line.

Here are the predictions and the results……(7-9) is not as good as I would like. I take 1/2 points on toss up games.

NFLPredictionActual Score
Houston Texans2120
Kansas City Chiefs2934
New York Jets1717
Buffalo Bills2427
Green Bay Packers2143
Minnesota Vikings2634
Philadelphia Eagles2617
Washington Redskins2227
Cleveland Browns206
Baltimore Ravens2638
Indianapolis Colts2420
Jacksonville Jaguars2427
Oakland Raiders2434
Carolina Panthers2730
Chicago Bears2227
Detroit Lions2323
Seattle Seahawks2538
Atlanta Falcons2725
Miami Dolphins1711
New England Patriots3221
Los Angeles Chargers2416
Cincinnati Bengals2313
Arizona Cardinals2124
San Francisco 49ers3220
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2523
New Orleans Saints3134
Dallas Cowboys2517
Los Angeles Rams2520
Pittsburgh Steelers2326
New York Giants2316
Tennessee Titans2216
Denver Broncos2214

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