Miami @ New England (Week 1) Review 2020

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Newton Remorse?

The Miami Dolphins went up to New England and lost their season opener 21-11 and even though I had predicted a Dolphin loss (30-27) the game was not one of Miami’s best offensive outings in recent memories.

The scary thing is my fears can now be confirmed as Cam Newton basically won that game for New England along with the performance of one of the best Defenses if not the best in the NFL.

What I did expect was for Miami to start off slow much like the 2019 season but not as bad. And basically that is what happened up in New England. With so much change in the off-season just about 50% of the roster was turned over and 11 coaching changes this past off season means it will take some time to gel and when you factor in the pandemic and the cancellation of pre-season games and training camps and mix in a large rookie class and the Dolphins (even though every team in the NFL had to undergo the same situation) were further behind the eight ball as opposed to teams that had more stability in the off-season.

There were some good, Bad and ugly in the game for Miami so let’s talk about it.

The Good

The best news from Sundays game was the play of our offensive line I felt they held their own and provided more than adequate protection for Ryan Fitzpatrick in fact the Patriots was able to get just one sack in the game if I recall correctly.

Grade for Offensive Line A

RB Miles Gaskin was a pleasant surprise in the game as he was by far the most impressive RB for Miami in that game. Gaskin rushed nine times for 40 yards and caught all four of his targets for 26 more in Sunday’s 21-11 loss to New England.

The Bad

Miami have been very bad against the run in fact before the game I posted an article highlighting that point Miami was beaten by QB Cam Newton’s legs as he was able to get 75 yards rushing and 2 rushing TD’s vs a Miami Defense that had no defense for Newton, overall they played OK holding NE to just 21 points but they have the potential to be much better. And I feel as they continue on their journey in 2020 they will get better.

The Ugly

That was not a Fitzmagic game it was the other side of Ryan Fitzpatrick that we all know will happen (20 for 30 / 191 yards passing 0 TD’s and 3 INT’s) but unlike some who foolishly thought Miami would win against New England or who after the game is already calling for the Dolphins to put Tua in the starting line up. I am not so short sighted. With Ryan Fitzpatrick you have to expect a bad game or two (if not a season) so I feel no need for Miami to replace him as our starting QB in fact I feel Miami should let him finish the year as our starter barring injury and let Tua “Red Shirt” the 2020 season as the young O-Line as well as our future QB spend the year maturing.


I have no unrealistic expectations for our 2020 Miami Dolphins who are still just in year two of the rebuild and still have 2 first and second round picks this upcoming 2021 NFL draft. Winning to me is not as important this year more than them just growing and developing and improving as the season rolls along. I would not be opposed with Miami getting a high draft slot for the 2021 NFL draft.

One game at a time! Miami needs to look at the game film and move on! This was not a bad loss as many people seem to not realize that New England got a steal when they brought in Cam Newton and in fact I was truly wanting Miami to get him this off-season first.

The Patriots demise (much to their credit) was greatly exaggerated and I happen to think they are better at the QB position with Cam Newton for the very reason they beat Miami his mobility and their great defense.

So the AFC East as well as the NFL need to take note as I warned when the Patriots signed Cam Newton that they have a Cyborg now at the QB position and he is just 31 years old and only a month or so into their playbook…’s scary to think of the MVP version of Cam Newton in the hands of Bill Belichick and OC Josh McDaniels along with their stout Defense and the possibilities that exist…..

But I did forewarn you and even advocated that Miami should have signed Cam Newton when he was hanging in the wind!

On to Buffalo!

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