In The Dolphins Best Interest? Or Act Of Kindness?

SKOR North – Zulgad: Nothing to lose: Josh Rosen could have opportunity to  quietly revive career with Vikings

As many who reads my site know I am a huge fan of Josh Rosen because despite all the negativity surrounding him and the terrible situations he found himself in, in BOTH Arizona and Miami, I felt he handled himself very well.

It was my hope that Miami would hold onto Josh Rosen and continue to develop him and then at the peak of his development trade him and get back some if not more compensation for him. I feel had they did what my hope was that maybe Miami would get potentially a few first round picks in exchange for developing Rosen.

I was just as shocked and disappointed (NOT UPSET) at the decision to just outright cut Josh Rosen rather than hold onto him and continue to develop Rosen.

I pay attention to what Brian Flores says and I feel I caught him in a lie (Good Lie not malicious) when in his press conference after cutting Rosen he said it was in the best interest of the Dolphins (Team) but a few minutes later he makes a comment that you can never have enough QB’s in answering one reporters question about potentially bringing in Jake Rudock on the practice squad.

Nobody will make the argument that Jake Rudock is more talented than Josh Rosen and as I have repeated over and over again Josh Rosen’s salary was not a burden to Miami and if they WANTED to they could have kept him on the roster this year and next!

That did not happen and here is my take on what really happened.

(Total Speculation)

A Kind Deed By Miami?

Miami once they drafted Tua Tagovailoa already made the decision on who they want moving forward as their QB of the future so I don’t think even the most ardent Rosen supporter thought that Josh Rosen would beat out Tua for the QB of the Dolphins future my hope was at best that going into 2021 that Miami would have a difficult decision on their hands in regards to Josh Rosen vs Tua and that would mean the Dolphins could cash in on their investment in Josh Rosen.

So let’s look at what is in JOSH ROSEN’ best interest….

I feel his agents (rightfully so) asked for Josh Rosen’s release and the Dolphins granted it because the reason why Josh Rosen cleared the waiver wire is because his agents discouraged teams from claiming him and the reason being that it is truly in Josh Rosen’s best interest to have a chance to choose who his next team will be.

I feel Miami could have traded him but the team that wanted him was not a team his agent may have felt was in Josh Rosen’s best interest.

So I will stick with my theory that it was an kind gesture in what was in the best interest NOT FOR THE DOLPHINS but for Josh Rosen’s future and I for one can stand by shuch a move by Miami if that is the case.

I truly hope the team that gets Rosen can finally give him the two things he never got from Arizona and Miami stability and a legitimate chance to become a starter in the near future as he continue his development……remember he is still just 23 years old, younger than the number 1 QB taken in this years draft!

God Speed Josh Rosen.

Sure enough as I was just about to post this article Josh Rosen lands in Tampa on their pratice squad he will be an understudy to Tom Brady!!!!!

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