Trading Josh Rosen Now Is A Bad Idea

Dolphins QB Josh Rosen drawing trade interest

Many people as usual are twisting what has been reported on the Miami Dolphins and their young QB Josh Rosen. My take is that Miami has been fielding calls from teams about Josh Rosen and a possible trade.

Others are reporting that Miami is shopping Rosen and that is just not the case or at least it should not be. I have contended and continue to contend that it is in Miami’s best interest to hang on to Josh Rosen and let him and Tua after they are weaned from Ryan Fitzpatrick who is in his last year as Miami’s QB (I hope they make him a coach)

I believe there are quite a few teams hoping the dolphins will be foolish enough to just give Rosen away for nothing but I trust that Miami’s GM Chris Grier who has been very shrewd in his trades see what I see in Rosen and allow his development and the potential showdown between Rosen and Tua in 2021 come to a natural conclusion.

The more Miami hang onto Josh Rosen the more his value rises it is also cost friendly to keep Rosen this year and allow a natural legitimate competition between Rosen and Tagovailoa to take place next season and I assure you Josh Rosen’s value will be at a premium

Miami need to hang on to Josh Rosen he can be the backup quarterback to Ryan Fitzpatrick this year and next year he can compete with Tua and increases his trade value

He becomes more valuable the longer they hang on to him it’s only some Tua fans who are so short-sighted that they want to move on from Josh Rosen way to early there is value in developing Josh Rosen more and he and Tua can settle things next season….

Iron sharpens Iron!

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