Josh Rosen’s Development Is Going Just As I Had Hoped

Josh Rosen’s Development Is Going Just as I Had Hoped 

So far in training camp Josh Rosen seems to be doing just fine and holding his own. This is GREAT NEWS for Josh Rosen and the Miami Dolphins! 

I am still baffled as to why so many get into taking sides on the QB position rather than understanding what an excellent position the Dolphins find themselves in having TWO young first round QB’s on the roster.  

Not only that Miami also have the perfect veteran QB to mentor these young QB’s and the wisdom of bringing in Chan Gailey to help in the development of these young QB’s. It’s not about one or the other it’s about BOTH! 

This is such a win/win for the Dolphins and it seems like GM Chris Grier Gets it! It’s time for you fellow Dolphins fans to GET IT! 

Instead of hating on Josh Rosen or Tua Tagavoiala why not what them both to do well? Why not realize that having them compete against each other is the best-case scenario for both them and the Dolphins. What’s wrong with everybody coming out on top in this competition? 

It is truly my hope that both Tua and Josh make the decision as to who will be our QB of the future a very difficult one to make for Miami because if that becomes the case some team will be calling Miami off the hook offering a king’s ransom for whoever loses out on the Dolphins decision to move forward with. 

I do like Rosen but would have no problem with Tua being our future QB if he beats out Josh but what I really want is for it to be a coin toss as to who is the better QB at the end and BOTH of them reach franchise QB status. 

I have been preaching this scenario ever since I knew that Miami would draft Tua and now that we have them both I wish them all the best and let the competition between them bring out the best in both and open the eyes of my fellow Dolphins fans who need not be rooting against either player but join me in wanting them both to succeed because it’s a win/win in the end for our team!   

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