Fundamentally Sound Brian Flores Will Succeed!

NFL's Brian Flores on George Floyd: Less outrage than Colin Kaepernick -  Insider

Let’s keep everything in perspective. The Dolphins are in just year two of their rebuild and we all agree that GM Chris Grier and his staff “Including” head coach Brian Flores have done a very good job of stocking this team with talent both veterans and rookies and on paper, it appears that the Dolphins are headed in the right direction. Especially when you factor in how well Brian Flores handled his first season as the Miami Dolphins coach and his first season as an NFL Head Coach. 

Brian Flores just seems to fit the part of Head Coach, his deminer, his forthrightness, his no-nonsense approach and he’s a disciplinarian. But he is not rigid like his mentor and you can tell he preaches a similar message. 

From day one he had a message: 

“I think everyone likes direct. They might not like it in a specific moment, but … I’m always gonna push ’em to do more. That’s just me. I try to be truthful and honest and transparent, and if they don’t like it, then so be it. And that’s OK. I think they respect that and they know where I stand.” 

“I think there’s a discipline, a toughness, a respect for the game that I learned in New England that I think is just basic, the way football’s supposed to be taught and practiced and preached. Those things that are basically foundational — hard work, high standards, playing for your teammates, putting the team first — those things are ingrained in my fabric. How those are expressed, that’ll come from me … who I am as a person. And that’s different.” 

“Everybody’s a little bit different. I think it’s from your upbringing, it’s from your experiences. Occasionally I like to have fun and laugh. More times than not I like to be direct. But … it’s a game. And you want to have fun playing a game. As much fun as you can have playing football, coaching football, that’s what we want to see out on the field.” 

The media likes to make note of how many former New England Patriots players are currently on the Dolphins roster despite there being a few players on the roster who were former Patriots players but what really is a big deal is the former New England assistant coach who now is Miami’s head coach. 

This is from Brian Flores’ Bio: 

Flores began his coaching career as a coaching assistant for New England from 2008-09…Flores joined the Dolphins after spending 15 seasons with the New England Patriots organization, where he served in a variety of different roles and helped the franchise win four Super Bowls – XXXIX, XLIX, LI and LIII – and seven AFC championships. He brings a wealth of leadership and experience to Miami, having coached all three phases of the game – offense, defense and special teams – and beginning his professional career as a scout. 

Brian Flores has worked his way up the ranks, unlike many who through Nepotism and Cronyism were able to skip in line and not pay their dues. Chris Grier made the right choice in picking Brian Flores as the Dolphins head coach and so far, Brian has not disappointed. 

Call it the Patriots way if you like,  who can argue with success and after spending 15 years under the G.O.A.T what other way should Brian Flores coach this team than following the example set before him by Bill Belichick. 

The foundation has been laid and the culture is set and it’s just a matter of time before winning will soon follow. 

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