Don’t Count Out “Rosen” The Dark Horse


It’s as if he’s invisible, he is already relegated to being “Quarantined” by many as the best option for our dark horse QB, he is third on the list of three by most Dolphins fans and in many people’s minds, he is a short term answer to the future of the Miami Dolphins QB solution.

Josh Rosen has not had a fair chance every since being drafted in the NFL. We all know the story but for some reason, it seems like I am the only one who has empathy for him. So as the Dolphins officially open training camp the competition is on or is it?

I am sure if we polled over 90% of the Dolphins fans who had this past NFL draft their dreams come true as the Miami Dolphins drafted (to many) the heir apparent answer to Miami decades-long search for the answer to the question that’s been out there since the retirement of the greatest QB in Miami Dolphins history…who is the replacement for Dan Marino?

As of now, the consensus is that Ryan Fitzpatrick will most likely start the season off as the Dolphins starting QB based on his recent play and his history with new “Offensive Coordinator” Chan Gailey, and it makes the most logical sense to believe that.  Some feel that Ryan’s eventual start should be short-lived as they all want and expect that the Golden Child Tua Tagovailoa (if fully healthy) should be given the reigns to what is in most of ours minds the inevitable the Tua Tagovailoa Era!

So what about Jose Rosen? What should happen to him?

Well, I have already explained what I think should happen so let me reiterate it once again! Josh Rosen should be strongly encouraged and  allowed to legitimately compete for a starting job, no going through the motions already having an agenda in store for Rosen. It should be an all-out FAIR competition and he should be told that he can win the starting job and they actually mean it!

Why should that be the case? Because they OWE that to Josh and it’s actually in Miami’s best interest! If Josh Rosen plays lights out and makes Ryan and Tua sweat a little and win over some fans as to who should be the Dolphins starting QB moving forward do you realize what that would mean to the value of our overall QB room? And can you imagine the buildup to the 2021 season and the battle between Rosen and Tagovailoa?

The eventual winner will be the Dolphins as they will get calls off the hook for the services of one of our young QB’s and will command a king’s ransom in compensation to whoever Miami decides to trade if they even should consider that option. (Just look what deals for Laremy Tunsil and Jamal Adams brought, what can GM Chris Grier get for a young 20 something year old franchise QB?)

So we fans should be rooting for all three of our QB’s on the roster to play the best football they can and let the chips fall where they may! Iron sharpens Iron!

I still am rooting for Josh Rosen but I’m also warming up to the likable personality of Tua Tagovailoa but my main goal is for this QB situation to turn into future multiple First-round picks for one of our young QB’s on the roster. 23-years old Josh Rosen or 22 years old Tua Tagaviola. Win/Win!

Brian Flores is a man of honor and he knows bringing out the best in every player on the roster is what will turn our Dolphins into a contender and how much more so than the most important position in the NFL the QB!

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