Why The 2020 NFL Season Should Be Canceled!

NFL team owners vote to expand playoffs to 14 teams - KOAM

These are unprecedented times we are living in and its effect will live on for quite a while and we will be talking about a post-covid-19 way of life. With no certainty that there will even be a season and knowing that no matter what, this year will be different as the coronavirus continues to infect the world, it has made things very complicated as the Sports World try and figure out a way to proceed. It is about SAFETY vs MONEY is it worth the risk to have close contact sports in a time like this?

It’s not just the players that will be taking the risk, the Coaches, trainers, and everybody associated with the game and their families will also be at risk as it is almost impossible to know who has Covid-19 because of the reality that you can be asymptomatic but still be infected.

Byron Jones The Dolphins Top Free Agent Off-Season Signing tweeted this:

“Frustrating to hear the NFL has yet to address major issues regarding player health + safety with training being 2 weeks away. We just want to play football. Make it happen @NFL”

Players and their families SHOULD be concerned and one must ask themselves is the money worth it? Many players are financially set and can afford to skip a season and be fine, but that is not the case for quite a few others who are either just entering the league or have been in the NFL less than 2-3 years as well as the other players that do not make but the minimum salaries at their respective positions.

Even with all that in mind it still comes down to is it worth the risk to play a close contact sport such as Football and risk being infected? How will that play out? Let’s say a player test negative and then after a week or two in activities either in preparation to play games or after having played a game they come down with the virus. Should they be compensated for having come down with COVID-19? Can they sue the league and team owners for not providing a safe working environment? Will they have to sign a waiver agreeing not to sue? Will there be pressure from the players, fans, and media if a KEY player does not want to be exposed to the potential of getting sick?

It just seems to me that the best thing to do is just cancel the season and allow all the undrafted rookies to either be allowed to get into a pool next year or make a way to allow teams to retain their current rosters including UDFA and figure out a way to let the 2021 NFL draft, as well as undrafted players, merge and allow teams to have more players on their rosters to compensate?

I am sure my suggestion of shutting down the 2020 season will fall on deaf ears as the NFL is the life of many of us and more than ever in this most unique time in modern history it sure would be nice to have some NFL Football this year but I still ask the most important question……..IS IT WORTH THE RISK?

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