The Miami Dolphins Are The Hot Spot

Dallas Cowboys: Byron Jones signs with Miami Dolphins as top-paid CB

The the Miami Dolphins are on the rise as things are heating up for this team moving forward. Starting from this past off-season when you look at the free-agent signings that the Dolphins brought to the team. It’s a trend that should continue on for years to come what trend is that, well let me explain.

The biggest free-agent fish that the Dolphins signed this off-season was Byron Jones corner-back from the Dallas Cowboys, Jones was the top rated CB in free agency and to my surprise he was on the Dolphins radar!

What attracted Jones to Miami first was definitely the money as the Dolphins signed him to a record-breaking 82.5 million-dollar contract for 5 years even though the Philadelphia Eagles and the Las Vegas Raiders were also in competition for his services, according to reports.

So why did Byron Jones choose Miami over the other two?

Well here’s what Byron Jones had to say about it, he basically said it was because of the culture that Brian Flores has established in Miami in his first season.

Jones said about Coach Flores: 

“He’s got young energy I hear he’s intense and he likes to create competitive scenarios competitive situations” …Jones said in a conference call with reporters

“That’s just something that I like and I wanted to be a part of it, I’ve heard a lot of good things about him throughout the league, I spoke to a couple of coaches and players throughout the whole process and they had nothing but good things to say about him that’s exactly for me just to be on a team that he’s leading”

Jones also said in an interview:

“I am fired up to play for Miami this is a young team is going in the right direction and the things that I can bring to this team is leadership and also good man coverage that’s one thing I’m excited about is to play with this defensive style, we’re going to match up we’re going to have some fun put people in different spots so they can be successful and that’s what I’m looking most forward to”

No doubt the same reasons why Byron Jones signed with Miami is the reason LB Kyle Van Noy  moved on from New England and also signed with the Dolphins this off-season, obviously it’s the money first but Kyle Van Noy has personal knowledge of head coach Brian Flores having played for him during their time together in New England, and even though we hear they’ve had epic battles up in New England there’s a mutual respect for each other’s abilities.

The Dolphins have proven that they’re willing to pay top dollar for talent and they also have established a culture that is attractive to any free agent (not named Jadeveon Clowney), and in addition there’s a third reason that makes Miami an attractive place to be for future free agents.

Location, location, location, yes South Florida is a better place to be than just about anywhere else in the country, the state of Florida is tax-free  and the weather is GREAT in the winter months!

Players coming to Miami get to keep more money in their pockets, add to that what we talked about earlier the winning culture that’s been established in Miami and we can understand why the Dolphins will be the hot place to be (for more than one reason) starting from this season moving forward.


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