Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Better?

Alabama defensive lineman Raekwon Davis shot at bar in Tuscaloosa

One of my biggest complaints with the Miami Dolphins these past 8 seasons or so since Joe Philbin took over as head coach of the team and made drastic changes to the roster, he went from the Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells smash mouth power team that basically tried to impose their will on the opponent, to a Green Bay Packers/ Joe Philbin style team that was more of a finesse style team, he basically got rid of any “Alpha Male” players that were outspoken and did not fit his personality.

A direct result of those changes was the fact that when the Dolphins played the more physical teams of the league, they tend to get blown out of the game. I’m talking not even close, if you look over the past 8 years I would say you’re going to find at least one or more games every year where the Dolphins got totally blown out.

That has always frustrated me because you have to be able to fight fire with fire and in the AFC East division and the AFC North division along with the better teams in the NFL they’re going back to the old school style of football…Big, Strong defensive & offensive lines with a strong running game.

You can put a young quarterback in and let him grow and develop behind that kind of help, it takes away some of the pressure on him by reducing the need to pass, so having a solid foundation around a young QB as well as stability can help him to mature and develop along with the team you build around him.

The Buffalo Bills in the AFC East have followed that strategy and you can see the results these past 3 years as they have made it to the playoffs twice in those 3 years since head coach Sean McDermott working along with GM Brandon Beane, both were hired in 2017 and now Buffalo is primed to take over the AFC East. (possibly)

Miami is now playing catch-up as they officially have moved into year two of their rebuilding phase, and the Dolphins are in excellent shape one year after totally blowing everything up.

Since Brian Flores was hired by the Dolphins, you can see the transformation of the team as they are going back to the Power style and away from finesse. This off-season Miami has added (by means of free agency and the draft) some HUGE players, with a mixture of 10 young veteran players and 11 draft picks Miami added to their roster, it’s brought a since of confidence in just about every Dolphins fans and even heightened expectations from some media personalities.

There finally is a sense that the Dolphins are headed in the right direction and in just their 2nd season of the rebuild there is a confidence about the future of Miami that’s been a long time in coming.

Brian Flores knows what type of team he wants and working together with the scouting, personnel staff and GM Chris Grier they have brought in players that fit what coach Flores wants, it’s a sign of a good GM when he works with his head coach to get players that fit what Flores is looking for.

The days of bullying the Dolphins around are coming to a fast conclusion, did you see the monsters that they drafted, did you see the tough free agents that they brought aboard, do you realize the true potential of this team in just year two of its rebuild? The team is based off of the philosophy of Brian Flores who wants mentally & physically tough and intelligent players who are disciplined and will work hard.

So when you break down his roster now you can see that they are bigger stronger and faster and only time will tell if they are better but from all appearances (especially on paper) this team should be significantly better than last years team.

What has the majority of the Dolphins fans excited is the fact that last year the Dolphins actually overachieve by winning 5 games, many attribute that to head coach Brian Flores and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, both we’re dedicated and committed to winning even when the majority of us were hoping they would lose, to acquire the top pick in the draft.

Brian Flores was having none of that, and I too was on board hoping that Miami would get the top pick in the draft even though I wanted them to naturally lose games and not “TANK” as many were trying to accuse Miami of. I don’t ever want them to deliberately lose games and I don’t ever want to be in a position where I have to wish for this team to lose games again, for the benefit of getting a high draft pick

So for year two of the rebuild, winning should not be the top priority more so than building chemistry, gelling together, going to battle together and building their identity as a young upstart. For now learning how to win the way the coaches are teaching them that’s the most critical thing this season, so despite some who are already putting undue expectations (Omar Kelly) on the 2020 Dolphins keep in mind that they are still a long way from being a contender and that is OK when you keep in mind they are only in year two of their rebuild.

There is always that normal off-season enthusiasm that most fans get regardless of how bad their team was the previous year, but we need to as Dolphins fans keep an even keel and a steady course and follow the mantra that is preached by head coach Brian Flores and his staff one day at a time getting better everyday should be the focus for Miami in 2020.

I would have no problem with the Dolphins winning 5 games or less again this year, because I’m focusing on their draft status for 2021 and having two first-round and two second-round picks with the potential of more first and/or second round picks in the near future (anticipating a Josh Rosen trade) Chris Grier has built the proper nucleus/foundation to turn the Dolphins into an instant contender, in a division that has the door wide open now that a certain somebody left the AFC East and moved to Sunny Tampa Bay.

So yes the Dolphins are bigger, stronger and faster with the potential of being better definitely right there before them, but once again as my old saying is only time will tell.


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