Dolphins Squeeze Albert Wilson!

Albert Wilson on track from hip injury, could be ready for start ...

In this age of the internet there is just about nothing you can’t get on line. With many of us wanna be GM’s and with sites like Spotrac, that breaks down all contracts of every player in the NFL, among other financial details that can be referenced. You know what the teams cap situation is.

Albert Wilson’s 2020 contract was initially $9,475,000 and a $1,333,334 signing bonus with a cap hit of $10,833,334, we all knew that contract was not sustainable because ever since signing with Miami Albert Wilson has be more injured than healthy and has failed to live up to his original deal signed in 2018 of 3 yr(s) / $24,000,000 and a $2,685,000 signing bonus.

I wrote back in April just before the draft an article entitled “What’s To Become Of Albert Wilson?” that addressed Albert Wilson’s situation and i said….

Unfortunately there just hasn’t been enough of those plays to justify paying Wilson 10 million dollars this year especially considering he’ll be  a UFA next season.

So what should the Dolphins do? They have four options: Cut Him, Trade Him, Pay Him or redo his contract giving him an extension. I like Albert Wilson and would have no problem with the Dolphins redoing his contract and giving him playing incentives in the new deal.

The Dolphins today did exactly what I had hoped they would as today Albert Wilson signed a 1 year, $3,000,000 contract with the Miami Dolphins, including an average annual salary of $3,000,000. In 2020, Wilson will earn a base salary of $2,975,000 and a workout bonus of $25,000, while carrying a cap hit of $4,333,334

So Wilson and the Dolphins basically tore up his old contract and did a new deal, more in line of what he should make and saves Miami about 6 million dollars. This is the business side of the game that justify players getting what they can from teams because teams don’t have a problem taking money back or cutting players that have a contract that don’t seem in the best interest of the team.

Albert Wilson’s injuries are a direct result of his playing for Miami so an argument could have been made in his case.

This was a win/win for both sides because Miami could have just cut Wilson and saved 9 million dollars, instead they make him the 2nd highest paid WR on the team this year and it assures he will play in 2020 for Miami (barring Injury).

Albert Wilson has been a model player and it’s veterans like him that this team needs our young players to be around, as his example on and OFF the field is exactly what young players need to follow.

I am happy they came to a deal and Albert Wilson will be on our roster this year. It will most likely be his last year in Miami. He will be 29 years old and a URFA in 2021.


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