What’s Next For Josh Rosen?

The Patriots Need to Trade for Josh Rosen

Despite the Dolphins wasting using the 5th pick in the 2020 NFL draft on QB Tua Tagovailoa I am still a Josh Rosen backer as it will take time for me to accept the inevitable, that  Tua Tagovailoa will be Miami’s QB moving forward. I have a history of rooting for the underdogs and with what Jose Rosen has been through I find his early NFL career a true tragedy and it intrigues me as to what his future will hold.

The only thing Rosen is guilty of is being drafted by a team that was unstable and then being traded to a team that was in the beginning process of tearing down their roster in a total rebuild. The things any QB needs (let alone a rookie QB) has never been in place for Josh Rosen since he’s been drafted and even when he was in College, like stability, descent line play and a supporting cast, be it talent or a solid running attack and defense.

Rosen will finally have an opportunity this year to play his second season for Miami, which provides a measure of stability and he will also have a better supporting cast with Miami this year as opposed to last year when Miami blew everything up.

The Dolphins roster will be significantly upgraded over last years roster as they have loaded up through free agency and the Draft with talent they lacked last year. Miami’s offensive line has been addressed as well as their defensive line and the running backs have been upgraded.

Josh Rosen has been paid well so far because he did get his rookie signing bonus (a $10,878,368 signing bonus) thanks to the Cardinals, so as much as I feel for his plight it’s not like he’s gone through his trials for nothing. With that in mind I still feel he will soon prove all the haters and doubters wrong and will reward Miami by improving his trade value as that is the only thing he can do as his days in Miami seem to be numbered.

As for now Josh Rosen serves as the backup QB for Ryan Fitzpatrick if the Dolphins decide to use this season as a red-shirt season for Tua to continue to heal and to sit and learn by being in the QB room in Miami with Rosen and Fitzpatrick. It is my hope that Josh Rosen comes in and beat out Ryan Fitzpatrick, if not at the start of the season by seasons end whenever it gets started.

This is his most important season in the NFL as he will have an opportunity to show his talent and if he has worked hard this off-season on his weaknesses like reading defenses and making better decisions on the field where he can just play faster naturally he just might have a great chance to take over the starting job in Miami over Fitzpatrick.

I like where Miami finds themselves with their QB situation because somehow they will sort things out and now that they have focused on finding their Franchise QB we just might have done just that with two young first round QB’s on the roster as iron will sharpen iron!


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