Miami Dolphins “Post Draft” Exercise


I decided to go to my mock draft simulator and try and match as close as possible who Miami selected in the draft and see how things worked out. What I like about this simulator is it actually Grades the picks at the end. In the cases that I could not get the player Miami selected I chose the best player available (BPA) every time.

The only player I was unable to locate was our last pick (Round7· Pick 246 Malcolm Perry WR Navy 5′ 9″, 186 pounds) for whatever reason he was not in the system.

I was able to match the first six pick perfectly in this simulator notice the grades given.

Round 1 Pick 5: Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama (A+)
Round 1 Pick 18: Austin Jackson, OT, USC (B-)
Round 1 Pick 26: Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn (B+)
Round 2 Pick 7: Robert Hunt, OT/OG, Louisiana (B-)
Round 2 Pick 24: Raekwon Davis, DT/DE, Alabama (B)
Round 3 Pick 6: Brandon Jones, FS/SS, Texas (A-)

(Round 4· Pick 111) This is where things got off track because Miami traded up to get G Solomon Kindley who was already off the draft board in the simulator. Solomon Kindley (Georgia) was taken in round 3 pick #86 by the Raiders:

So Miami seems to have gotten Kindley at a steal when they traded up at #111 because in the simulator he was already gone by then. So I took the BPA on the board  AJ Dillon, RB, Boston College (A+)

In round 5 Miami had three picks and traded the first one pick #153 to 49ers for RB Matt Breida, so I took BPA  in this mock draft Antonio Gibson, WR, Memphis (A+) He was actually taken in the 3rd round pick #66 by the Redskins

With the second 5th round pick #154 Miami selected DE Jason Strowbridge (North Carolina) but he was taken earlier in this mock draft in the 4th round pick number 113 by the Carolins Panthers. So once again I took BPA Brian Cole II, FS/SS, Miss. State (A+)

With the third pick in round 5 Miami selected  Curtis Weaver EDGE Boise State (6′ 2″, 265 pounds) He too was taken MUCH earlier in this mock draft in the 2nd round pick #47 by the Atlanta Falcons so I once again took BPA  A.J. Green, CB, Oklahoma St. (A+)

Round 6 Pick 6: Blake Ferguson, C, LSU (B-)

Miami had 3 picks in the 7th round and this is what they did:

Pick #227 was traded to the Eagles 

Dolphins receive:
» 2020 fifth-round pick (No. 164; Boise State DE Curtis Weaver)

Eagles receive:
» 2020 fifth-round pick (No. 173; later traded to Bears)
» 2020 seventh-round pick (No. 227; later traded to Bears)

With pick #246 Miami drafted Malcolm Perry WR Navy (5′ 9″, 186 pounds) he was the only player I was unable to find in the simulator so I once again took BPA  Benito Jones, DT, Ole Miss (A+)

Miami also traded their last pick #251 to the Seahawks

  • Seahawks receive: 2020 seventh-round pick (No. 251; LSU WR Stephen Sullivan)
  • Dolphins receive:  2021 sixth-round pick

In conclusion:  If you go by the simulator Miami got great value on a few of their picks starting with pick #111 Solomon Kindley who was taken in the 3rd round by the Raiders at pick #86, DE Jason Strowbridge drafted by Miami with pick #154 was taken earlier in the simulator at pick #113 by the Carolins Panthers, and pick #164 Curtis Weaver EDGE Boise State was taken much earlier in round 2 pick #47 by the Atlanta Falcons so he was a steal for Miami in this mock simulator.

That concluded the 2020 NFL Draft!

Yes, I still have to much time on my hands, but I enjoyed this exercise and hope you enjoyed reading it!

Fins Up!


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