Miami Dolphins Went “Beast Mode”

2020 NFL draft: Raekwon Davis scouting report

(Raekwon Davis DT Alabama 6′ 7″, 311 pounds)

The Miami Dolphins are finally heading BACK in the right direction and they have made it clear we won’t be PUNKED around anymore by anybody.

One of the most disturbing and frustrating trends Miami have been going through in this long period of mediocrity is getting a “Beat Down” by the more physical teams in the NFL, the biggest Bully on the block is not in our division and thankfully not on our schedule this upcoming season, the Baltimore Ravens has basically OWNED Miami the last three times we faced them.

The Ravens are one of if not the most physical team in the NFL, they not only beat you, they also beat you up in the process, how bad has it been? The total score of the last 3 meetings of Miami vs Baltimore is a whopping 129 – 16, an average game score of 43-5 in favor of the Ravens.

Their is a team in our division that also have one of the most physical rosters in the game the Buffalo Bills who also have owned our Dolphins over the last two years. They have swept the last tree games we have played and it to was not even close. It’s not as bad a beat down as Baltimore has given Miami, but it still was a lopsided average win per game (Buffalo 36, Miami 19).

Ever since Miami hired former Packer OC Joe Philbin as the head coach back in 2012 where he spent 3 years reshaping what was a physical team and turning it into a finesse team the Dolphins have been soft. The size of the players are not as important on a fineness team as speed is more important.

To be a Power /Physical team size matter because it’s more about imposing your will on the opponent rather than trying to win a track meet. It’s Old School football at it’s best and it is more about a strong defense and a power run game  with road graders along the Offensive Line and BIG Anchors on the defensive line to disrupt our opponents rhythm and run game.

Coach Brian Flores tells us exactly what he is looking for in his players…

“What you’re going to see out there is a team that’s smart, a team that’s disciplined, a team that is fundamentally sound and a team that’s violent, tough and aggressive,” Flores said. “That’s kind of who I am and I want our team to reflect that.”

Over the off season Miami, starting with free agency added some much needed beef to the roster in phase II of their rebuild. They doubled down on free agency and also drafted what we all hope is our franchise QB for years to come.

Miami’s Beefy additions this off-season

Free Agent Signings

  • OG/OT Ereck Flowers (6′ 6″, 330 pounds)
  • DE Shaq Lawson (6′ 3″, 267 pounds)
  • ILB Kyle Van Noy (6′ 3″, 250 pounds)
  • DE Emmanuel Ogbah (6′ 4″, 275 pounds)
  • OLB Kamu Grugier-Hill (6′ 2″, 230 pounds)
  • C Ted Karras (6′ 4″, 305 pounds)

2020 Draft Class

7 out of the 12 players listed above exceed the average height or weight of NFL players at their positions and these are the players Miami will continue to add to the roster as they transform a small roster that’s been pushed around for far to long. It will not happen overnight but the Dolphins are getting bigger, stronger and disciplined and will eventually begin to stand up to the more physical teams in the league

Fins Up!



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