Josh Rosen’s Options Limited In Miami

Report: Dolphins to start former Cardinals QB Josh Rosen Sunday

The Miami Dolphins have made their decision on who their franchise quarterback will be and it’s not Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen has zero chance of winning the starting job in Miami because they drafted Tua Tagovailoa in the first round, with the projections of the structured salary cap for rookies coming out of college Tagovailoa will get a contract of about 30 million dollars and that alone will cement him as the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins moving forward.

So what does that mean for Josh Rosen? Well basically Josh Rosen is on an audition in 2020 (whenever the season starts) he’ll most likely be the backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick if The  Dolphins decide to sit Tagovailoa for a year.  So next season (whenever it starts) it’s critical for Josh Rosen to elevate his game and still compete at a level where he can beat out Ryan Fitzpatrick and show to his future employer his worth as a top drafted quarterback in the NFL in 2018.

What it means for the Dolphins is they have a safety net in place behind Ryan Fitzpatrick as well as a young potential franchise QB that they need to put on display to increase his trade value, because he will be traded again sometime in the near future.

It’s a smart business plan for the Dolphins and it’s still a great opportunity for Josh Rosen that he needs to take advantage of. Rosen’s situation in Miami is better than what it was for him in Arizona because the Dolphins will provide him a platform to display his talents and it is on him to show why he is some other teams future QB.

The NFL is a business and sometimes things are not fair but that is life, I am rooting for Josh Rosen and hope he somehow finds a way to turn what has been a lemon into lemonade.

It’s been so unfortunate that Rosen has been totally ignored by a fan base that has been so desperate for another franchise QB that they are impatient and quick to judgment and that is what happened to Josh Rosen last year in Miami.

I wanted the Dolphins to sit him and NOT PLAY HIM at all last year and they gave into the pressure of the Media and Fans and put Rosen in when he was not ready and also the team was not ready because of the flux they were in early last season, especially the Offensive Line.

Putting him in to early and pulling him out a few short games later (after proclaiming Rosen was the starter the rest of the season) did irreparable harm to Josh Rosen’s reputation, something he will never regain in Miami. Drafting a QB in the first round this year sealed Rosen’s fate in Miami as well, and he will be relegated to a backup role until the Dolphins are ready to start what they feel is their QB of the future Tua Tagovailoa.

Josh does have the opportunity to compete against Ryan Fitzpatrick and with the Dolphins upgrading their roster it might give Rosen the chance he needs to prove everybody wrong who have given up on the 23 year old QB.

My hope for Rosen is that he finds some stability on the next team he joins because that is the one thing that has alluded this young man in his early NFL career and is something he needs and deserves.


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